VFLW - Preliminary final vs Cats @ Windy Hill - 12noon Saturday 31 July 2021 - NO ENTRY

Cats beat the Saints by 7 points.

Pies smugly await the winner*.

*of both the prelim and the grand final.



Very likely to be a lunchtime Saturday game. We’ll wait and see. Source assures me bar will be open and the beer on tap will be nice and cold.

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Almost certainly Saturday given the Draft Combine is Sunday (and could screw us over). We can’t afford to lose half a dozen players!

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Big questions on which talls we go with – not that we have many fresh options, just the opportunity to switch key defenders forward. Geelong are the best marking team we’ve met this year; you still have to combat that.

Yassir dominated at Darebin as a full-time mid, has been quiet the last two weeks. Do you put her on the ball and Barba forward, to get some scoring power? Not having Frew is HUGE.

What will the Draft Combine do? It could remove Prespakis, Yassir, Gillard, Friswell, and Slender – and remove Snell as a potential replacement.

Possible options: Caruso, Anthony (if OK concussion-wise, was doing run-throughs before the game today), Theodore (who was dropped after ANZAC Day), Stepnell, Lennox, Finning, and Crowley.

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I’m just going to pretend the draft combine won’t affect us and wait to hear otherwise.

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Confirmed by the VFL twitter account a few minutes ago, Preliminary Final 12pm Saturday at Windy Hill.

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Phew. Now get nicked, AWFL Draft Combine. You already know she’s good.


Not sure if this article is ridden with errors: the Grand Final has previously been announced as switched from Princes Park to Port Melbourne, and the Kayo Freebies list doesn’t show the VFLW game. It’d be great if the AFL has conceded they can’t run a stream, though.

Captain Georgia Nanscawen will be looking to lead her teammates to the big dance. (Photo: AFL Photos)

The VFLW Bombers will host Geelong at Windy Hill on Saturday for the chance to book a spot in next week’s VFLW Grand Final.

The preliminary final will begin at 12pm, with the winner to face Collingwood in the decider at IKON Park on July 25.

The highly anticipated match will mark the Bombers’ first VFLW final at their spiritual home, three years after they ran out at Windy Hill for their first ever VFLW game on May 6.

Despite a seven-point defeat to Collingwood in a low-scoring semi-final on Saturday, the Bombers earned a second chance to enter the Grand Final after becoming the highest-placed winners in the elimination finals the week prior.

While the Bomber faithful is set to turn out in full force at Windy Hill on Saturday, those who can’t make it will be able to watch live via Kayo Freebies.

Meanwhile, Essendon’s VFL side has had its round 14 fixture confirmed, seeing it face North Melbourne from 2:05pm at Arden St Oval on Sunday. The game will run concurrently with the two sides’ AFL clash, and will also be shown live via Kayo Freebies.

Essendon v Geelong
12pm, Saturday, July 17
Windy Hill
Live on Kayo Freebies

North Melbourne v Essendon
2:05pm, Sunday, July 18
Arden St Oval
Live on Kayo Freebies

Courtney says everyone has to attend. OR DOES SHE? Everything is reversed! Is this her Evil Twin?


This is so going to be shafted by covid. Bullshit.

I’ll be a little bit angry/upset if the game is a ‘no crowd’ game.

Our first ever final at Windy Hill. :rage:

Get ready to peak through the bushes @theDJR

There are a couple spots that would be okay (not great, but okay).

Car park between the pool and the bowls club? The gate off Napier Street?

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Hopefully this just sets up payback for 1990. Have a week off, somehow beat Geelong, walk all over the over-rested Pies.