VFLW - Round 1 vs Box Hill @ The Hangar, 11am Sun 26 March 2023

This gets unfurled before the game.


The squads for the two teams are MASSIVELY different. If the Hawks can’t win this game, they may as well shut down.

Median age is 22 for them vs 21 for us; meh, but it’s top-end experience that shows the difference.

We have 4 players older than 25yo (our captains, Kendra, and a recent convert from volleyball with 1 year of VFLW experience).

They have 13 (maybe 14; I failed to get an age for Ellie McLinden but she’s not young).

We have the following ex-AFLW players:

  • 36yo Clifford
  • 35yo Heil (zero games)

They have the following ex-AFLW players (almost half of their squad):

  • 37yo Nadia von Bertouch
  • 36yo Chantella Perera
  • 32yo Abbey Holmes
  • 31yo Jess Trend
  • 29yo Maddie Boyd ← won the practice match on her own
  • 28yo Nicole Garner
  • 28yo Akayla Peterson
  • 27yo Emerson Woods
  • 26yo Cassie Davidson
  • 24yo Holly Whitford
  • 22yo Charlotte Hammans
  • 22yo Kristy Stratton
  • 20yo Grace Matser
  • 20yo Mietta Kendall

(I haven’t checked if all of the above are ex-AFLW, but none are with Hawthorn.)

Our game, at least, will have commentary. Hopefully the AFL can get their streaming right…

It’s seriously embarrassing how much better the Box Hill media team are than the EFC one.

(Yes, I know the above is an exception and actually from Hawthorn AFLW.)

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For those who have forgotten:

  • Mia-Rae Clifford is set to play her 100th VFLW match (34 with us)
  • Grace Dicker* is set to reach 25 games (all with us)

*cross fingers that two weeks off was enough for her after coming off late vs Casey


Impressive tally given her AFLW detours.

As well as discussing the start of a new era under new coach Travis Cloke, Clifford also chatted to the crew about becoming the first player to play 100 games in the rebel VFLW since the competition’s inception in 2016.

“It’s very humbling to make it that far,” Clifford said.

"I’m just excited to run out with my teammates. To be honest, the day is not about me. It’s about the unveiling of the flag and the beginning for this next group of girls.”

It’s not properly out yet, but you can listen at:

The “quiet section” you can see in the waveform is her interview. Mia-Rae, always quiet.


Teams are in…


And from this you can see the AFL’s third attempt in two days to tell us who was in each VFLW team was also wrong: Meg Ryan lives!

Mind you, her as first ruck is a bit scary.

That’s a stacked Hawks team.

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I was going to correct you here and then realised I’m DUMB.

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Alana lives!


What, the “always quiet” bit? :rofl:

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It’s not even a Hawthorn team, but they still put up an article four hours ago…

Well, at least someone like emergencies.

So Box Hill haven’t named ALL of their AFLW/veterans.

Abbey Holmes is apparently pretty broken, and not named.

They’ve named:

  • 5 AFLW players, average age 22.2
  • 9 ex-AFLW players, average age 26.9 (six of the nine are at least 27yo)
  • 7 others, average age 23.6
  • Overall, average age 24.7

We’ve named:

  • 4 AFLW players , average age 21.2
  • 4 ex-AFLW players, average age 25.8 (Mia, 2 game 27yo footy fledging Ryan, 21yo, 19yo)
  • 13 others, average age 20.8
  • Overall, average age 21.9

The difference is perhaps best illustrated by showing the ages sorted next to each other. Median ages are 25 for them and 21 for us.

Hawks EFC
18 18
19 18
20 18
20 18
20 18
20 19
21 19
21 20
22 20
24 20
25 21
26 21
26 21
27 22
27 23
28 23
28 25
29 26
29 26
31 27
37 36

We have Mia at 36yo and Ryan second at 27yo. Legit peak players at 26yo in Morcom and Ugle.

So confirmation for our 100 (Clifford) and 25 (Dicker) game players.

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OK, we got something up only two hours later, so I’ll be less harsh this time.

Reminder you go to the Game Centre to find (hopefully!) streaming links.

Now you can cast all elite state league matches from your phone to your SmartTV via Chromecast or AirPlay, and sit back to watch the action on the big screen.

You would have seen Kendra is missing.

They’re also got a fair chunk of height on us (makes me feel nostalgic, that has been the case almost all of our existence).

4cm at the median, 2.33cm extra on average, Maddie Boyd is a beast but they have five other taller players.

Hawks EFC
158 160
160 160
163 163
164 165
165 166
166 166
168 166
168 167
171 168
171 168
172 168
172 168
176 170
176 173
176 174
178 174
179 176
181 177
182 178
183 180
187 180