VFLW - Round 10 vs Darebin @ La Trobe Uni, 10:30am Sun 28 May 2023

38-8, halfway through the third quarter!

Ex-Bomber Sargent has kicked the only goal for the Pies.

Jaimi Tabb had kicked 3 goals in 8 games this year… has 4 today, so far.

Five minutes into quarter two, Port lead Cats 7-3 and Saints are strangling Casey 17-0.

We could end up with 7 teams on 24-28 premiership points at the end of this round.

EDIT: Cats finally kicked a goal.

Bates and DeMatteeeeeeeooooooooo kicked late goals for the Pies, but they lose 24-40 to 11th place Footscray :rofl:

At half-time, Saints 29 Casey 2; and with a long set shot goal on the siren Port lead the Cats 25-9. That moves Port from 7th to 3rd on the live ladder.

(Cats still running with many AFL players – down net one this week, but that net one is Garing.)

Last break:

Saints 31 Casey 4
Port 32 Cats 15

Those leaders are legit contenders this year.

FCFC are flaky, but with their core midfield remain a possibility.

In the first 90 seconds Cats go MISS-MISS.

Losers held the winners pointless in the last quarters.

Saints 31 Casey 23 (+19)
Port 32 Cats 25 (+1.4.10)

Live ladder: come on Willy (tomorrow), smash FCFC again!


Took 16.5 minutes, but Norf hit first vs the Hawks.



Hawks have dominated much of the game, but at the final break, Norf 1.5.11 trail Box Hill 3.1.19.

Convert those chances, ya bastards!

Hawks win 33-11

My model says Cats finish 1 and EFC 7.

My picks say Cats finish 7 and EFC 1.

Given my pick beat the model today re: Geelong, let’s go with the latter.

(The Pies slumped more today than the Cats did, changing the model’s thoughts on their game against each other in round 13, thus cancelling out the Cat’s loss today.)

This is what is needed to exceed the Hawks’ percentage and be third after tomorrow.


Darebin ain’t great, but our top score so far this year is 37.

Lacrosse players just put a ball through the footy goals. I hope they’re gone before our game starts!

Shockingly wet day to get our chance vs Darebin, but we’re on a new mud-free ground at least.

Kendra and MBateman the only ones not jacketed up for first warm-up.

You can get shade in the pavilion (hence the elevated photo).

Sutton takes on Morrow for the wrestling/shoulder bump section. Likes a challenge.

Prpic in the warm-up.

I only count 21 presently.

SophieUre and JaimeeLee are out there.

EDIT: 22 now.

I’m on my way! Weather is, less than fun for spectating

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Spectating behind the goals is not ideal. And they’re going to lose goals down the hill.

Morrow has reliable hands, Ure can improve.

Ure clearly our tallest, but not much more than a legit six foot.