VFLW - Round 10 vs Darebin @ La Trobe Uni, 10:30am Sun 28 May 2023

I think their ladder status says it all…


… but they’re still much better than Footscray was last year. They actually held relatively even against the improved-everywhere-except-for-the-actual-winning-bit Dogs today (6-29 after quarter 1, 14-25 in the last three quarters).

Side note, not relevant to us till round 14: both of the Dogs wins saw them smash the first quarter and then stagnate (vs Norf they went 27-1 and then 27-14 for the remaining three quarters… and Norf were awful in those last three quarters). Looking at today’s game Footscray had a lot of very slight players.

I’ve never seen us lose to Darebin (in 2018 I watched the VFLM lose instead).

Year For Against Result
2018 14 41 -27
2019 34 26 8
2021 70 3 67
2021 52 2 50
2022 64 7 57

Stats Leaders (leaders, us, Falcons, maybe a few others).

Apart from goals, the numbers below are averages… but the rankings are sorted by totals.

1 - Jess Bates (Pies) 27.0
6 - Angelica Gogos (Darebin) 18.8

1 - four players including DeMatteeeeeeeeooooooo 9
8 - at least 3 players including Alyssa Mifsud (Darebin) 7

1 - Maddie Boyd (Hawks) 5.5
8 - Liv Barton (Port) 3.3

3 - Angelica Gogos (Darebin) 8.8
6 - Lauren Caruso (Port) 8.1

1 - Angelica Gogos (Darebin) 15.9

1 - Maddie Di Cosmo (FCFC) 12.1

1 - Kate Dud(ley) (Port) - 30.3
2 - Jorja Borg (Dogs) 28.9
6 - Sally Lynch (Darebin) 20.6

They’ll get Emma Mackay back from suspension.

Lauren Jatczak at FF/backup ruck is a big girl (181cm and solid @ 18yo; is from the Northern Knights) – she kicked the first 2 goals vs the Dogs.

Darebin have a lot of legit talls, and they’re not beanpoles. That includes Alyssa Mifsud, a mature mobile six-footer-ish ex-AFLW Demon.

And we know Gogos is an eternal gun. It’s worth noting she is massively kick-heavy (85% of her disposals this year have been kicks), and that saw her kick* Jess Bates off the top of the kicking ladder today.

*no pun intended, but I’m not removing it

For those attending, I’m told the VFL app shown location is close enough to correct. So that makes it either the new Tony Sheahan Oval or (less likely) the “Lower Playing Fields”.

Prior to team announcement, I note that Calder play a normal game this week and Bendigo are playing an NT rep team.

Unlike last year, we shouldn’t need to play any juniors to reach our dev quota: hell, our core midfielders basically cover that already…

Teams for this Sunday…


Ure and Morrow to make their EFC debut (Ure to make her VFLW debut as well).

They are both nominally rucks and replace one ruck (Russell). We also dropped small Grunden and kept tall Ford.

Forecast is for overnight rain, possibly stopping by the start of the game.

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Our non-junior list is pretty damn short on options, of course, and we have dropped key-ish-size players in Pearson and Richardson.

It’s nominally one mid out (Prpic) and one in (Huta).

I feel happier slotting MadGray into HBF and releasing Ugle upfield. That and/or Hurrell replaces Prpic on-ball.

With the return of Bella Clarke, if we need Molan down back we are doing something very wrong (possibly solved by putting Molan on the ball!)

Jatczak out for them is (probably) one less big defender needed.

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New player info:

Ure is taller (at least 185cm, maybe now pushing 190cm per the photo shortly after the link below).

The AFL’s article clarifies that Jayda’s injury is to her back.

Port (out of the six on percentage, and playing Geelong) has chosen a bad time to lose FF Fede and FB Barto to illness and injury (and Taylor, now a Melbourne AFLW top-up).

There is certainly no 100% removal of AFLW players across the league.

The EFC article notes MadGray was out with concussion (hopefully not from her most recent game with us, as that was 6 weeks ago!)

There is a Madison Gray who has played 4 of the last 5 weeks with Surrey Park, and never otherwise. A match?

Darebin have made six changes, including bringing in debutant Stefania Velona and they will warmly welcome back Simone Ruedin, but Bec Goring and Sally Lynch are both huge outs this week.

Russell named for the Western Jets.

Keck named for Bendigo.

Grunden named for Calder.

Ure and Morrow will be the 127th and 128th EFC VFLW players.

Belatedly, I note that in round 7 of this year we reached our greatest number of players in a year.

Year Games Players
2018 14 37
2019 14 43
2021 17 36
2022 17 36
2023 10 48

This year’s figure is of course inflated by us playing 15 of our AFLW players.

JaimeeLee JaimieLee JamieeLee JamieeLee JamieeLee

SophieUre SophieUre SophieUre SophieUre

Since no one asked, there is no singular player #50 or player #100. In both cases (round 2 of 2019 and round 1 this year) there were multiple debutants.

I therefore nominate Nanscawen and Sutton as players #50 and #100.

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What a goal! 11th-place Footscray go C2C, mostly by handballs under pressure, and lead the 3rd-place Pies 12-0 after 8 minutes.


25-7 halfway into the second quarter.

Assuming no other upsets, a loss here would drop the Pies out of the top six.

Don’t ■■■■ this up, Footscray.