VFLW - Round 10 vs Geelong @ Deakin Uni, 1PM Saturday 8 May 2021

Geelong are coming off their highest ever score and margin (versus Footscray), and knowing that a win this weekend would very likely secure them (at least) third on the ladder come finals. If we beat them it’ll be a smidgen of percentage between us.

Previous results:

  • 2018: a late-season 14-59 loss at a cold wet Kardinia Park, with very few highlights (Bullas with 17 tackles, and Dematteoooooooooo with a 60 metre one-on-one race to goal)
  • 2019: a slow start and differing accuracy stops us claiming our second ever win (5.9.39 lost to 7.2.44 in Colac).



If you are driving there, familiarise yourself with the free parking option. That would be car park 20, at the top middle of the below map.

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If we get to add the likes of Prespakis, and Geelong don’t get to add the likes of Tess Craven (because the Falcons remain in the NAB League Girls finals)… I won’t complain.

OK… no new or returning Cannons in the 21. Boooooooooooooooooo…

But Lauren Ahrens!!! That’s a very nice inclusion. She played for us in 2019 and just won the AFLW Gold Coast B&F. She’s 182cm and while she normally plays in defence she also spent some time in the midfield for us previously. Has a big boot on her that will scare the crap out of those defending against us.

Ooooooooh ■■■■: Frew is out.

Jemma Finning is a top-ager from the Bendigo Pioneers (was emergency last week). She replaces fellow Pioneer midfielder Snell. I assume she’s been injured or otherwise indisposed as she has only played four games for them this year. Also played for Vic Country.

In the emergencies are Cannons Lennox (played two excellent games for us at CHB) and Crowley (well, I want another “real” forward and I’ve previously stated she has tricks, but she doesn’t seem to get the ball much). They’ve “hidden” Ahrens and Clifford on the bench (the latter will be keen to have a go at her old team). Fair to say that FF and CHF may be different on the day.

In: Ahrens, Finning
Out: Frew, Snell



Van De Huevel (AFLW-listed; played all 9 games this year, and 13 in previous years)
Webster (AFLW-listed; played all 9 games this year, and 10 in previous years)
Garing (AFLW-listed; played all 9 games this year, and 14 in previous years)
Remmos (AFLW-listed; 173cm, 2 games AFLW and 3 games VFLW this year)
Foley (is not on their AFLW or VFLW list; the 183cm 38yo retired last year from Adelaide AFLW, and since then she has been a Geelong ruck coach and assistant team doctor. Their usual AFL-listed ruck Rene Caris is present so not sure why they felt the need to go outside their lists.)

Pearce (4 games this year, after playing 13-16 the previous 4 years)
Fedele (7 games and 4 goals this year)
Gardiner (6 games and 4 goals this year)
Clarke (8 games and 9 goals this year – 4 of those goals were last week!)
Moloney (5 games, with a goal each week, as a midfielder)

Note that 4 of the 5 inclusions are named in crucial positions: rover, ruck-rover, FF and FB.

All of the outs are VFL-listed.

EDIT: Garing is playing her 50th game for Geelong (26 AFLW and 24 VFLW).

Looking through the stats leaders this year:

  • Paige Shepperd at CHB is 5th in the VFLW for disposals. Tamara Smith on the HFF is 7th for disposals (Nanscawen is between them, and Barba 10th).
  • Olivia Barber has kicked 9 goals in 3 matches (8th overall) but is not playing. Clifford is 2nd with 12 and Frew (not playing) is 3rd on 11.
  • In equal 7th for marks are their Gunjaca (HBF) and our Clifford and Macdonald.
  • Smith is 2nd for tackles, Nanscawen is 5th.
  • Smith is 4th for kicks, Shepperd is 5th, Frew (not playing) is 6th, Nanscawen is 10th.
  • Gardiner (not playing) is 5th in handballs, Shepperd is 7th. We have Barba and Ugle at 3rd and 4th.
  • Calder is 9th for hit-outs. Geelong don’t appear in the top ten.

I can’t be there tomorrow sadly, so will be following on here. Lets get the dub and get the hell out of dodge.

Surely a little pissant VFLW team like us couldn’t cope with the firepower of a fully-operational AFLW battle station… :sunglasses:

(OK, “only” 9 of their 21 players are AFLW-listed. 2 of ours are, but only 1 of them has actually played at that level.)

The below (from a Darebin Falcons player) is still a valid question:

I believe this is our captain’s 25th game for points, ever, at all levels. Still on the rise.

The above is more relevant than you might think at first:

And the header image at:

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Buckley Falls: done

Win: TBC

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What did you do to it???

It used to fall a lot further.

Julian (a recent out) has her right knee strapped.

Dicker (?) appears to have lost a bet: left side of her hair is bleached blonde and the right jet black. Really sharp distinction in the middle!

Finning and Ahrens warming up with the mids.

Train the phone: Ahrens Ahrens.

There is a medium wind blowing directly to the goals left of your dial.

Federica delivering coffee to the match day staff behind the goals.

Nanscawen has several kilometres of tape around her right leg.

EFC handing out player sheets to the meagre crowd. From this I see emergency Crowley has been provided #38.

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