VFLW - Round 11 vs Darebin @ Preston City Oval, 11AM Saturday 7 May 2022

Not playing on the mud heap in Norfcote!

The below are definitely outside chances to turn up this week, as they’re included in the squads (but not yet teams) for the AFLW Academy vs the Under 23s on Sunday.


At least we’re losing players not yet playing: e.g. Footscray really can’t afford to lose Eliza Vale.

On a quick glance, Darebin have avoided losing anyone.

Teams for Darebin v Essendon at Cramer Street…

B 14. D. Marshall 45. B. Clarke
HB 8. E. Ashley-Cooper 19. N. Julian 35. T. Williams
C 1. C. Ugle 40. D. Ryan 26. J. Doonan
HF 21. N. MacDonald 38. O. Manfre 44. G. Dicker
F 4. M. Clifford 17. F.Frew
R 30. S.Nalder 23. A. Radford 5. G. Nanscawen
INT 15. L.Caruso 47. S. Asciak 46. G. Elarmaly
28. A. Barba 7. J. Davies
EMG 10. E. Cornish 21. A. Morcom 13. E. Hosking
16. T. Crook
B 11. A. Gunn 44. V. Blackwood
HB 5. K. McNiece 10. G. Lawson-Taven 13. T. Hurst
C 60. M. Shone 2. N. Callinan 56. M. Huta
HF 35. K. McAloon 50. S. Cowley Du Parquet 39. E. Mackay
F 17. S. Simpson 52. C. Weston-Sirett
R 24. S. Lynch 16. E. Buckley 8. N. Celebre
INT 28. P. Kearney 18. M. Plunkett 33. M. Haas
4. L. Beatty 43. T. Mills
EMG 58. V. Smiljanic 59. T. Snelleksz 31. A. Reibelt
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Name Surname Team Ailment Period
Marianna Anthony Essendon hand 1 week
Caitlin sargent Essendon unavailable TBC
Kendra Heil Essendon Knee 1 week
Eloise Gardner Essendon AFL Health and Safety Protocols 2 weeks
Isabelle Ayre Essendon Quad 1 week
Cecilia McIntosh Essendon hamstring 1 week
renee Tierney Essendon AFL Health and Safety Protocols 1 week
Maykaylah Appleby Essendon Concussion 1 week
Jordan Zanchetta Essendon AFL Health and Safety Protocols 1 week
Scarlett Orritt Essendon sick 1 week

Thank you. I got desperate enough I found the VFL team to post instead.


This IN/OUT thing may take a few more minutes than usual.

I think that’s a return bout for Gardner; she has endless creativity at getting out of playing this year.

CBomb (the very common 1 week hamstring)
Tierney (COVID)
Zanchetta (COVID)
Appleby (concussion)
Orrit (sick)
Morcom (arrogantly rested?)

Drew Ryan (DEBUT: 172cm Bendigo Pioneer mid/forward)

Darebin players in the Top Ten stats:

  • Angelia Gogos (7th for tackles and 9th for kicks)
  • Sally Lynch (3rd for hit-outs)

However… Gogos is out injured.

Nicole Callinan is top ten in the Coach Votes, so they still have some veteran midfield strength.

Holy crap. the spicy cough has taken us out!

Poor Eloise, can’t catch a break.

If you believe the AFL article just put up, Morcom was omitted rather than rested.

HEAD-TO-HEAD: Essendon 3-1.
At Preston: Never Met.
Streak: Essendon 3 (last loss 2018).
Last time: Essendon 7.10 52 def Darebin 0.2 2 (Bill Lawry, June 26, 2021)


IN: P Kearney, T Mills, C Weston-Sirett
OUT: A Caddy, A Mifsud, S Ruedin (omit)

Blow the siren, end the game, doo dah, doo dah…

Entry is via the north gate.

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The northern posts here are loose. Worried about the warmup banging into them!

Ryan is not big-bodied, but she’s no waif.

Only 22 warming up, including multiple emergencies.

Dicker, at least, is missing.

Correction: Dicker is here.