VFLW - Round 11 vs Darebin @ Windy Hill, 12noon Saturday 20 July 2019

B: 29. C. Laan, 10. E. Cornish, 21. K. McFadyen
HB: 18. K. Heil, 7. K. Hicks, 11. M. Warburton
C: 35. M. Anthony, 13. S. Audley, 28. R. Svarc
HF: 23. M. Collier, 39. M. Fogas, 5. C. McIntosh
F: 6. A. Quigley, 31. J. Stassi, 25. L. Stepnell

R: 30. S. Nalder, 43. G. Nanscawen, 17. F. Frew

Int: 46. L. Ahrens, 45. E. Ashley-Cooper, 33. E. Hosking, 24. S. Wilson

23P: 27. T. Fry

Emg: 22. N. MacDonald, 20. A. Madden, 37. I. Malliaras, 14. T. Zagontinos

If anyone from Darebin tries to be funny and play well, Laan to run through them like she did Mackrill last week. Marianna Anthony gets another chance. Svarc is not dead after the hit last week. Ahrens back from her concussion, yay!

We’re gonna win and @Hoffy is gonna provide awesome coverage.



B: 44. V. Blackwood, 10. G. Lawson-Tavan, 31. E. Gardner
HB: 24. B. Patterson, 32. G. Colvin, 21. K. Roe
C: 15. A. Lister, 9. M. Eastman, 17. S. Simpson
HF: 3. L. Arnell, 22. G. Hammond, 7. L. Szigeti
F: 50. M. Suzuki, 16. B. Kennedy, 23. M. Wilson

R: 40. L. Pearce, 30. E. O’Dea, 34. R. Hicks

Int: 18. C. Byrne, 39. S. David, 20. S. Fairchild, 1. E. Honybun

23P: 5. K. McNiece

Emg: 36. E. Buckley, 56. J. D’Amato, 57. P. Kearney, 37. E. McLaughlin

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I will be in Radelaide for this game DJR, so cheer loud for me! Feel like we are in with a chance to take the W this weekend.


No, I’m going to be in Badelaide.

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Oh yes! Who is your proxy?!

I get the feeling you don’t read anything I post.

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What should be happening is an invite to the skybox in Adelaide for radio DJR.

Just a suggestion.

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I was too busy scanning for Stassi’s name.

I saw Stassi in the key position immediately because der, then scanned for Moreen unsuccessfully :frowning:

Would be our best forward line ever (apologies to Dematteo) with her added.

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Apologies in advance as the quality of reporting will drop this week (and next).

Please be kind…

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Your efforts will be greatly appreciated.

Requesting kindness is going too far.

Cheers in advance Hoffy


Take two games, pocket the two wins, and retire the greatest caller of all time.


You did a great job last time

Oh yeah, and the Essendon podcast today upgraded Bullas’s knee injury from a few weeks to gone for the year. Ditto captain Ugle with her broken ankle.

I will cling to them being wrong given they promised Anderson would play.

Game will also be live on RSN Carnival 2, WARFRadio.com and the VFL app from 11am Saturday.

If the cameraman has the right settings this time, it will also be live video streamed from 12pm via Facebook.com/WARFRadio



But someone should tell the VFL app that.

You’re not let off, Hoffy!

See, far better coverage than what i can provide. Maybe special comments only.

Absolutely beautiful day here at Windy Hill.


Stunning day here at WH. A bit slippy under foot but otherwise perfect conditions. Breeze is being a bit weird but favouring school end (couple goal breeze).


Crowd building slowly, think Norf AFL home game

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