VFLW - Round 13 vs Saints @ Trevor Barker Oval, 10:15AM Saturday 21 May 2022

Nanscawen desperation saves us.

Nanscawen doesn’t have a head, but we get a replacement free seconds later.

If you let the Saints kick without pressure, they hit targets very well.

Ruck free from the throw-in!

Come on Sim!

Falls short but Clifford has got this covered… marks, runs around, and GOAL!

20-13 at 19.5 minutes in

so thats what an essendon team that can go up a gear looks like.



Nice pressure from the girls that quarter. Saints got the ball deep in their forward line yet couldn’t even get a point after 5 odd minutes of repeat entries. Well done

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much better back half pressure that qtr

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3.2.20 leads 2.2.13 at halftime

Kept them scoreless that quarter.

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Stuart stays on top with 14 disposals

Ground is not drying; sun is hot, but wind is non-existent.

in this modern day and age, you simply cannot get a stronger “community radio” vibe than that game-of-the-day sting


djr get off the field you glory hunter

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Lots of players barely seen (e.g. Dicker and Tierney, though the latter had that big threepeat effort).

Would be different without Clifford!

How else would I know how wet the ground was… apart from all the fumbling?

I sing that every time.

VFL womeeeens
match of the daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

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Nanscawen epic repeat-effort clearance.

we signed up hosking for aflw yet? she seems handy

DiDonato tried to mark on the chest rather than in-front. Punched away as a result.