VFLW - Round 13 vs Saints @ Trevor Barker Oval, 10:15AM Saturday 21 May 2022

A draw might be the only way to make our percentage mean anything.

Round 11 news:

SOUTHERN Saints have received a huge boost for Sunday’s important rebel VFLW clash with Williamstown with dangerous key forward Caitlin Greiser to play her first game of the season at Wilson Storage Trevor Barker Beach Oval.

Greiser, 23, who won the AFLW leading goalkicker in 2020 and St Kilda’s equivalent in 2020 and 2021 has a thumping kick, with the goals being in reach from anywhere inside 50 and even sometimes beyond, meaning she will create a big headache for the Seagulls’ defence as the Saints bid to consolidate fourth spot on the ladder.

After a slow start, she finished with 3 goals.

Not any more!

Stats leaders for the Saints:

  • Hannah Stuart – 4th for disposals, behind Nanscawen and Radford
  • Hannah Stuart – 8th for tackles, behind Nanscawen
  • Alana Woodward – 9th for tackles
  • Hannah Stuart – 4th for kicks, ahead of Nanscawen and Radford
  • Hannah Stuart – 6th for handballs, behind Nanscawen and Radford and Zanchetta
  • Winnie Laing – 9th for handballs
  • Sarah Black – 10th for hitouts, behind Nalder (similar hitouts, fewer disposals, more tackles)

Will also be a WARFRadio.com game from 9am.


I’m outta iso tomorrow so will be there. I’ll be the one coughing.


Looks like it will be distinctly chilly (we might break past 10° during the game) but oddly for Sandy almost windless.

Don’t get lost in the fog on the way there!


Reminder that the Saints are the only VFLW team we are yet to beat.

Date For Against Margin
27/05/18 24 60 -36
03/08/19 44 46 -2
28/02/21 29 47 -18
13/03/22 46 46 0

(I’ve ignored the no-longer-existing NT Thunder, who were basically the Adelaide AFLW reserves.)

This weekend we join the football community in celebrating Sir Doug Nicholls Round and recognise the contribution of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to Australian Football and our country.

Game live on WARFRadio.com from 9am and VFLW.TV from 10:15am


B 25. I. Ayre 21. A. Morcom
HB 13. E. Hosking 19. N. Julian 34. E. Everist
C 5. G. Nanscawen 1. C. Ugle 9. M.Anthony
HF 26. J. Doonan 43. O. DiDonato 44. G. Dicker
F 4. M. Clifford 24. R. Tierney
R 30. S.Nalder 23. A. Radford 42. J. Zanchetta
INT 18. K. Heil 14. D. Marshall 28. A. Barba
16. T. Crook 17. F.Frew
EMG 7. J. Davies 45. B. Clarke 36. R. Sutton
INS 34. E. Everist 43. O. DiDonato 24. R. Tierney
42. J. Zanchetta 18. K. Heil
OUTS 8. E. Ashley-Cooper 21. N. MacDonald 46. G. Elarmaly
7. J. Davies 40. D. Ryan
B 6. G. McLean 35. I. Gentile
HB 8. E. Nixon 16. A. Hynes 32. G. Buchan
C 9. W. Laing 57. A. Woodward 50. C. Ryan
HF 23. T. Kearns 31. A. Peck 12. N. Cormack
F 39. G. De Angelis 1. C. Slater
R 22. S. Black 11. H. Stuart 25. R. Neaves
INT 19. O. Flanagan 5. M. Capsalis 29. M. Fogas
4. D. Jolliffe 6. G. McLean
EMG 2. L. Burke 62. O. Robinson 36. E. Stuber
53. P. Staltari 3. M. Kershaw 63. C. Anderson
47. B. Enno
INS 26. C. Saultry 29. M. Fogas 19. O. Flanagan
OUTS 24. K. Ripari 34. C. Keohane 53. P. Staltari

Injury Report…

Caitlin sargent Essendon unavailable TBC
Eloise Gardner Essendon AFL Health and Safety Protocols 1 Week
Cecilia McIntosh Essendon hamstring TBC
Scarlett Orritt Essendon unavailable 1 Week
Eloise Ashley-Cooper Essendon hamstring 1 Week
Natalie MacDonald Essendon unavailable 1 Week
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FFS, even when the list gets smaller…

But Ripari out for them is huge. Ex-Bomber Fogas coming in for her is not an adequate replacement!

EDIT: wrong Ripari, idiot.

EDIT 2: I’m still confused. Why do I fear that name?

There is a lot to process there:

  • Still lots of queries on who our preferred key defenders are. Marshall on the bench as second ruck, Crook on the fringe? She’s not obvious as others but Clarke, emergency, might be the most composed after Marshall.
  • Nanscawen wing and Ugle middle :crazy_face:
  • Di Donato and Everist debut (possibly at the opposite ends to what was expected). Sutton in the emergencies.
  • Solid ins with Tierney Heil Zanchetta.
  • Does Sutton need to play next week to qualify for finals? She’s been on our list since the start of the year, it’s stupid to deny her.

EDIT: add Abbey Baillie-McDonald to the last bullet point.



I’m considering it…