VFLW - Round 14 vs Casey @ Windy Hill, 11:05AM Saturday 28 May 2022 - streaming from vfl.com.au


And, for once, it seems the VFLW game of the week (afl.com.au stream) actually will be.

If Casey beat Hawthorn this weekend, then this game is a good chance to determine which of us gets the 1v2 final at home.

(Best guess: Hawthorn and we will beat Casey in the final four weeks, and relegate them to third place.)

EDIT: the live stream will NOT be on VFLW.tv (but the replay will be). Instead, go to:

(or thereabouts)

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Worth noting that Eliza West had 29 disposals for them in round 13, in only her second VFLW game for the season (the other game was in round 6).

As you may recall, only last year did she start playing footy. She won the Casey B&F, the VFLW Rising Star award, and was upgraded to the Demons AFLW team. She played all 12 AFLW games this year.

We have secured a top two spot. Winning this week will ensure the huge first final versus Hawthorn will be our home game.

P.S. I note the VFLM team are currently scheduled to play at Windy Hill on Saturday June 11 @ 11:35. That will likely have to change.

Eloise Gardner:

Posts from others of a similar ilk, including from Noongar Ugle and Yorta Yorta Clifford.


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OK, you knew the perils of posting that:

  1. Gardner doing full training?
  2. Is that Sutton at the mids stoppage?

I’ll never tell :sunglasses:


You’re quite the charmer.

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Me: mostly Wurundjeri/Woi-worung, with a couple years on Kuring-gai land.

Plus the traditional homelands of the Gayogo̱hó꞉nǫ’ (the Cayuga Nation) in Ithaca, New York State.


At least one club bothered to publish their team.

Lost their main goal-kicker in Fellowes due to AFLW poaching, added Gillard as defender/ruck.

Five changes have been made to the successful side, as Casey welcomes back another AFLW-listed player in Alison Brown for Saturday’s match.

Revelation Cara McCrossan will return up forward to bolster the Demons’ line-up, while Bell Woolcock and Tahlia Gillard will strengthen Casey’s defensive stocks.

Georgia Campbell also comes back into the side to ensure Casey has a forward target without star forward Tahlia Fellows, who was recently signed by Hawthorn’s AFLW side.

Making way for these five inclusions is last week’s debutant in Amelie Blair and defender Rebecca Grant.

Forwards Brooke Borchard and Zoe Mitchell are also both out for tomorrow’s clash, while Lucy Wales will instead hand over the ruck role to sister Stephanie as she won’t pull on the red and blue against Essendon.

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Essendon v Casey at Windy Hill - Live from 11am Saturday on AFL.com.au

B 25. I. Ayre 21. A. Morcom
HB 13. E. Hosking 14. D. Marshall 16. T. Crook
C 1. C. Ugle 5. G. Nanscawen 9. M.Anthony
HF 26. J. Doonan 44. G. Dicker 22. N. MacDonald
F 4. M. Clifford 24. R. Tierney
R 30. S.Nalder 23. A. Radford 42. J. Zanchetta
INT 34. E. Everist 18. K. Heil 45. B. Clarke
28. A. Barba 17. F.Frew
EMG 7. J. Davies 36. R. Sutton 10. E. Cornish
43. O. DiDonato 15. L.Caruso
INS 22. N. MacDonald 45. B. Clarke
OUTS 19. N. Julian 43. O. DiDonato
B 18. E. OConnor 39. T. Gillard
HB 12. A. Brown 14. M. Chaplin 4. S. Heath
C 17. I. Simmons 6. S. Johnson 38. A. Kirkwood
HF 25. M. Harasimiuk 15. C. McCrossan 8. S. Fairchild
F 24. M. Fitzsimon 36. G. Campbell
R 22. S. Wales 11. E. West 26. E. Horne
INT 34. C. Blair 45. M. Hogg 16. B. Woolcock
58. C. Conroy 50. K. Angelis
EMG 7. C. Selleck 27. A. Laing
INS 36. G. Campbell 39. T. Gillard 12. A. Brown
15. C. McCrossan 16. B. Woolcock
OUTS 29. A. Blair 30. R. Grant 9. L. Wales
37. B. Borchard 23. Z. Mitchell
  • VFL Women’s players must play at least one home-and-away match to qualify for finals
  • AFLW players must play at least three home-and-away matches to qualify for finals

So it looks like we have to wait for the AFLW season to see the likes of Sutton and Baille-Macdonald don the sash…

Per last year’s precedent (Geelong playing 13 AFLW players against us in the prelim), presumably players newly added to AFLW Season 2022 (B) squads will not be treated as AFLW players (e.g. if we add Di Donato to our AFLW squad in the next few weeks as an affiliated NAB League top-up, she is still qualified for finals via her one game last week).

It’s not clear if they still have the rule about the maximum number of AFLW players that can feature in the VFLW finals. Due to the upcoming start of the AFLW pre-season, that is unlikely to be as big an issue as it was last year.

  • In Phase 2, AFLW players are free to sign with whichever VFLW club they choose, with a maximum of 10 AFLW-listed players (anyone who has played one AFLW match that season) able to play in any one team.

Tamsin Crook will play her 25th VFLW game (all with us) this weekend.

This will also be Morcom’s 50th game with us (she played 6 VFLW games prior to us, with Diamond Creek). She is the fourth EFC player to reach that milestone (Nanscawen and Macdonald are still 10 games away from joining that group).

As match of the round, the live stream will NOT be on VFLW.tv (but the replay will still end up there). Instead, go to:

Or just come to Windy Hill :slight_smile:

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Some overseas variations:

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Obviously skipping most of these, especially those who can’t report much more than Narrm. Here’s our NT player*.

*singular :frowning: