VFLW - Round 14 vs Darebin @ Bill Lawry Oval, 12noon Saturday 26 June 2021

Only posting this in advance because the date and time has been confirmed.

If you go by the Lucy Watkins article also recently posted on the AFL site… we’re playing “Darwin” :crazy_face:

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No WARFradio, just Radio 3DJR.

“The AFL will continue to work with the Victorian State Government and Health Officials on the return of crowds at matches this weekend.”

(Perhaps) only 1000 people allowed, arrive early :slight_smile:



Top Ten Stats Time!

Nanscawen moves up to 3rd in the league.

Clifford 3rd and Frew still 8th.

Darebin’s Samara David is 4th (she is a veteran small utility? – has been named both forward and back in recent games). Nattie MacDonald is 10th.

The Honey Badger is 4th. Samara David is 6th. Barba has moved up to 10th.

“G” has moved up to 3rd.

Alana is 4th and Ugle 6th.

Nalder remains 5th after topping the hit-outs in round 13.

Darebin added two GWS players after the AFLW season (Jess Dal Pos and Annalyse Lister, both of whom were Darebin premiership players) and they have both been regularly present in their best players. Neither of them were present last week, and COVID may mean they remain unavailable.

QLD have removed Victoria from the naughty list, so Ahrens may contrarily be available for us.

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This bit immediately caught my attention:

Screen Shot 2021-06-25 at 12.58.23 pm

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IN: Tahlia Gillard (debut), Ahrens, Crook, Prespakis
OUT: Stepnell, Slender, Caruso, Friswell

If you haven’t read it already from me a dozen times elsewhere, Gillard is the Calder Cannons ruck/forward. 190cm but good at ground level as well.

Not sure if Slender got suspended. That’s a big change of the tall timber (two out, three in). We’ve named two rather large half-forward-flankers, and you can presumably move Lennox to FB.

That is four very good INs.

Harsh on Friswell, but hey… kick those goals when you have the chance!

Theodore and Snell return to the emergency list.


The Falcons have a Cannon of their own with Peppa Poultney named at centre half-forward and could go head-to-head with Lennox at some stage, whilst Trinity Mills and Mikayla Plunkett from the Northern Knights are in the side.

Poultney is the Cannons’ alternate ruck. Is 10cm shorter than Gillard, slightly less hitouts per game, gets less than half as many disposals, and doesn’t trouble the scorers anywhere near as much (though Gillard’s conversion this year has not been great).

Touch wood.

Gillard warming up with the mids.

Tamsin warming up with the forwards.

Ahrens with the defenders, as is AshleyCooper.

Snell appears to be the non-playing emergency.

Dicker has lost the black/white hair.

It’s boggy in the middle here.

EDIT: Crowley and Theodore both on the ground as well. Didn’t get a perfect head count but there were well more than 21 out there.

Overcast, not much wind.




To get a home final we do indeed need a big win, and then Footscray to beat Casey (starting one hour after this game does.)

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The Arthur J. Spain Memorial Scoreboard is electronic.

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Teams as named, for us.

Reminder that Crook has decent range on her kicks. They won’t want to concede any forward marks to her.

Bench at the start of the game is Davies Ugle Dicker Lennox and Nalder.

Gillard in the middle!

Gillard the first disposal, a handball.

Crook forward is genius!!!