VFLW - Round 14 vs Geelong @ Kardinia Park, 4:30pm Saturday 11 August 2018

Note: this is the first part of a VFLW/VFL double-header.

B: 20. J. Anwyl, 17. T. Hetherington, 27. A. Morcom
HB: 25. R. Neaves, 7. K. Hicks, 41. M. Warburton
C: 1. J. Trend, 46. C. Ugle, 9. L. Williams
HF: 35. V. Moreau, 16. L. Morecroft, 28. C. Portlock
F: 49. E. Bult, 3. M. DeMatteo, 6. A. Quigley

R: 30. S. Nalder, 8. H. Bullas, 44. M. Collier

Int: 15. L. Caruso, 22. N. MacDonald, 37. I. Malliaras, 39. C. Rendelmann

23P: 10. E. Cornish

Emg: 4. N. Hardy, 18. K. Heil, 29. C. Laan, 36. J. Wallace

In: C. Laan, E. Bult, C. Portlock, J. Wallace, A. Quigley

Out: A. Madden

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Madden is dropped after not being suspended.

Alexa Madden – Essendon VFLW

AFL Victoria’s Match Review Panel charged player Madden for engaging in rough conduct against Collingwood player Jaimee Lambert during the first quarter of the VFLW Round 13 match between Essendon and Collingwood on Sunday 5thAugust 2018 at RAMS Arena, Craigieburn.

Based on the available video evidence and medical report, the incident was assessed as careless conduct with low impact and high contact. The incident was classified as a one match base sanction. An early guilty plea enables the player to accept a Reprimand.

Outcome – accepted Reprimand


B: 26. R. Pearce, 44. R. Goring, 40. A. Teague
HB: 25. E. Coventry, 1. J. Woollett, 34. A. McDonald
C: 4. C. Blakeway, 45. M. Keryk, 3. H. Burchell
HF: 7. M. Clifford, 2. D. Orr, 5. J. Ivey
F: 8. K. Darby, 6. M. Boyd, 33. H. Trevean

R: 49. Z. Inei, 13. M. Fogas, 30. R. Cranston

Int: 11. M. Klingbeil , 17. H. Mangan, 20. N. Morrison, 10. L. Taylor

23P: 16. O. Purcell

Emg: 23. I. Currenti, 28. M. Fedele, 15. M. Janssen, 41. C. Stevens

In: L. Taylor, N. Morrison, C. Stevens, I. Currenti, M. Fedele, M. Janssen, O. Purcell

Out: E. ■■■■■, G. Clarke, M. McMahon


The Cats (4th, 8-2-1) posted their largest winning margin last week, defeating Richmond by 59 points to make it three victories in a row. On the other side, Essendon (13th, 1-10) has lost its last three games, defeated by 26 points by league leader Collingwood last round.


Can the Bombers get off to a better start against Geelong? Essendon conceded four first-quarter goals to the Magpies last week, and while the Bombers were able to respond to win both the second and fourth terms, the damage had already been done. They will need to be careful about giving any leeway to the Cats, who last week got the fast start over the Tigers by kicking four unanswered first-half goals – and had 10 on the board before Richmond could score its first.

EDIT: the author of this text has apparently never heard of this thing called wind. Peril of writing stuff based on stats and scores only.


It was a consummate team performance for Geelong in their win over the Tigers last week. Jordan Ivey was back to her best after returning from an ACL injury with a match-high 23 disposals. Mia-Rae Clifford excited with four goals, while Maddie Boyd proved a strong target up forward with eight marks and two goals. Hayley Trevean applied the pressure with her 10 tackles, supported by Richelle Cranston (eight) and Madeline Keryk (nine).


Entry currently free and on the western side of the ground (the not-normal side).

Rain has stopped (went through two hailstorms on the way) but the surface is wet.

Geelong play our “boys” theme two minutes after we run out.

Brave man being outdoors on a day like today. Huge kudos to you sir!

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We’re gonna get murdered today: Ugle torn away from the ball and two seconds later a Geelong player was barely touched.

Guess who got the holding the woman free?


No wind at all.

Will be down there soon @theDJR Actually, will be down there for the last quarter, and the start of the VFL.

Geelong have some big girls down forward.

Mystery free in the goal square gives them their second goal.


Morecroft is forward.

Good thing about sitting in the prestigious western stand is they have USB battery holders.

Geelong get an in-the-back free twenty out but only score a point.

“Funny” thing was the player bumped into didn’t even move.


Holding free to Geelong within range. Yes, it’s mostly been trapped there, but why don’t you try scoring without being gifted it?

Faaaark. Tempted fate there. They score without umpire intervention, rove from forward bounce.

0-20 at 18 minutes

Deep our end, one minute left.

#1 Trend kicks a stoppage point with three seconds left.

0.1.1 trails 3.2.20 at quarter time.

Ugle nice rundown tackle at their end. We’ve controlled most of the first five minutes of this quarter.

Nalder bossing the ruck and a nice contested mark and two rebounds just now.

Throw-in next to our goals…