VFLW - Round 15 vs Pies @ Victoria Park, 12noon Saturday 17 August 2019

B: 45. E. Ashley-Cooper, 29. C. Laan, 5. C. McIntosh
HB: 18. K. Heil, 46. L. Ahrens, 11. M. Warburton
C: 33. E. Hosking, 44. G. Patrikios, 28. R. Svarc
HF: 38. E. Gogerly, 39. M. Fogas, 6. A. Quigley
F: 25. L. Stepnell, 3. M. DeMatteo, 41. F. Theodore

R: 30. S. Nalder, 43. G. Nanscawen, 13. S. Audley

Int: 42. A. Barba, 17. F. Frew, 7. K. Hicks, 22. N. MacDonald

23P: 48. K. Petrevski

Emg: 35. M. Anthony, 10. E. Cornish, 20. A. Madden, 24. S. Wilson

In: C. Laan, N. MacDonald, M. Anthony, A. Madden, K. Petrevski

Out: M. Collier (plus Cornish and Wilson as the emergencies)


B: 75. E. Bliss, 72. K. Lee, 52. N. Hales
HB: 23. L. Butler, 70. J. Ferguson, 32. G. Gourlay
C: 50. G. Buchan, 55. C. Bunker, 64. G. Proy
HF: 53. R. Grant, 48. A. Bild , 71. G. Lagioia
F: 67. M. Doherty, 11. E. Hynes, 16. K. Lynch

R: 92. S. King, 46. S. Dargan, 73. A. Porter

Int: 60. D. Calautti, 77. K. Dudley, 57. S. Lawry, 63. P. Nash

23P: 66. N. Xenos

Emg: 68. S. Lynch, 61. A. Malander, 80. S. Mastras, 49. K. Newton

This slightly overlaps the VFL game at Windy Hill.

@Hoffy, @Tombob and I are in Perth. No pressure :wink:

My teleportation skills are a bit rusty, so it’s VFLM only on Sat.


(Especially given VFLM is being streamed and this is not.)

Let’s hope this game is more like next week and less like last week!

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EFC VFL twitter gives a running commentary match day. for VFLM But no such facility for Essendon VFLW on match day.

Are Hird and Long still on the list?

Hird is on rookie/development list, Long is gone.


Fark me, I should travel interstate more often.

Reminder, this is the top of the ladder team we’re playing.

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So you have been the problem all along.

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Patrikios and Fogas have the other two goals.

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Pies get the first goal of the third quarter.

30-14 we lead.

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Collingwood goal but the best 18yo in the country responds with her second goal.


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We won the second quarter 22-1.

Unfortunately that seems unlikely to have been wind-assisted.

5.7.37 leads 3.2.20 at the last break.

1-2-3 Bombers!

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Stepnell goals!


This is definitely more like next week than last week!


(I am assuming the Twitter-reported score of 43-30 is wrong.)

EDIT: confirmed on Pie Twitter (spit!)