VFLW - Round 15 vs Willy @ Windy Hill, 3pm Saturday 18 August 2018

Gotta fight hard this quarter…

Sun is out. Willy kicked a couple fifty metres bombs already. Set shot from 46 is a point.


Willy taking many marks forward. Rain stopped just for them.


Hicks caught with ball. Another miss.


We keep kicking out from the usual square, not the long one!!!

Morecroft playing defence for the first time in months.

Top of our (long) square…

We’ve made a lot of good tackles that have been penalised. Latest one incurs a point.

1 trails 1.5.11 at halftime is lucky.

But is catchable.

Hot water taps in the dunny have restored my hands to pink from blue.

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Glorious sun and less energetic wind to start the second half. Need to lead after this quarter to get that win.

Morecroft goes forward.

Quigley into square, Moreau the snap point.


Morecroft feeds it out to Moreau, 35 out on the run…




Willy kick out on full, bounces into a wheely bin.

Cornish snap point.


1.3.9 trails 1.5.11 at three quarter time.

This continuing in-close scramble is entirely antithetical to written commentary.

Willy still look much more dangerous forward (we don’t have anyone who looks leading and marking) but around the ground as a team we are on equal footing.

Didn’t have to leave the stand to listen to our coach’s urgings.

Siren goes, rain pours down. City towers disappeared

Heavy rain. Another big change coming through.

P.S. no one told the umps that last disposal out of bounds is a free against.

Lightning. Massive wind behind Willy now, as easily seen by the rain.

9-17 and they’ve marked twenty out as well.

9-23, we’re winning some cutlery.