VFLW - Round 16 vs Fark Carlton @ Windy Hill, 3pm Saturday 25 August 2018

In: Hird, Long

Yeah, nah.

B: 20. J. Anwyl, 17. T. Hetherington, 41. M. Warburton
HB: 7. K. Hicks, 25. R. Neaves, 27. A. Morcom
C: 18. K. Heil, 8. H. Bullas, 9. L. Williams
HF: 16. L. Morecroft, 35. V. Moreau, 1. J. Trend
F: 3. M. DeMatteo, 4. N. Hardy, 6. A. Quigley

R: 30. S. Nalder, 44. M. Collier, 22. N. MacDonald

Int: 15. L. Caruso, 26. A. Madden, 46. C. Ugle, 19. B. Winbanks

23P: 23. A. Nichols

Emg: 45. E. Flack, 37. I. Malliaras, 28. C. Portlock, 38. A. Ward

In: I. Malliaras, E. Flack, A. Ward, N. Hardy, A. Nichols

Out: E. Cornish

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Fark Carlton

B: 50. J. Borg, 25. T. Morgan, 6. G. Pound
HB: 34. A. Chuot, 5. D. Pedersen, 66. O. Vesely
C: 55. C. Dalton, 19. G. Gee, 90. B. Walker
HF: 40. K. Harvey, 36. C. Moody, 18. T. Lucas-Rodd
F: 20. C. Bromage, 3. D. Vescio, 15. I. Gietzmann

R: 31. R. Caris, 8. M. Brancatisano, 27. K. Cox

Int: 82. N. Burns, 7. S. Last, 17. J. Malouf, 37. B. Schultz

23P: 2. A. McKay

Emg: 23. B. Kennedy

In: K. Harvey, B. Kennedy, A. McKay, J. Malouf

Out: A. Downie, M. Suzuki, R. Hicks

Game will also be live from 2pm on RSN Carnival digital radio, the RSN Racing & Sport App and rsn.net.au/digital-radio


… and DJR see how you go tuning into 89.1 FM at the ground for the call.

Extended goal squares now being re-marked.

90% of the crowd leaves.

Stupid they didn’t have this on 1st, … lads 2nd.

I am still here

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The proportion lazing in the sun has skyrocketed.

Still here too

No need to turn on my radio, call dominates the Hird Stand.

Ugle starts in middle.

Dodgy in-back free at fifty sets up goal.




0-12 after tackle broken.

Umpire five metres away: no issue.

Umpire fifty metres away: free kick and fifty and goal Fark Carlton.


How long did it take Fark Northern to kick three goals?

Mark and mystery fifty to us.

But Macdonald’s kick falls short.

Holding free on the wing and their full forward Alessio is somewhat good… has all of the score.


Hetherington mark on the last line.