VFLW - Round 2 vs Casey @ Casey Fields, 1PM Saturday 6 March 2021

This thread added early because the date and time hadn’t been confirmed until just now, due to the WA government freaking out that we had a COVID case a few weeks ago.

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ripper, will be in town so can venture down and have a look.

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VFL(W) have tweeted a 1PM start, contrary to what EFC wrote last night.

EDIT: EFC have now edited their article to also say 1PM.

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I’m gunna rely on you again @theDJR , I’m not a fan of these week to week schedules!

Radio 3DJR will be broadcasting this game.

WARF Radio will not.

Casey Radio (97.7 and online) may not be doing footy any more??? On Sunday they’re doing horse racing.

Two VFLW games were streamed on the VFL Youtube page last week. They announced one of them about 6 hours before it happened… which is better than afterwards or not at all, I guess.

EDIT: as below, we miss out on a stream again.


I haven’t been to a VFLW game.

Is the parking free? What’s the entry fee?


If you want to hang around for the AFLW game at 7pm, you’ll get kicked out and going back in may be ticketed.

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Hmmm, not sure I can afford that.

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Moss has been dropped and 174cm Stepnell made first ruck. DeMatteoooooooo still stuck on the emergency list.

Barba is named at CHF — is there anything she can’t do?

Anthony named in defence again: wait and see if she plays wing again. Note that the way they name the teams is deceptive — at centre bounces teams have 5 forwards and 5 backs, and have 2 on the wings. I guess it doesn’t look as pretty to have an empty pocket at each end…

Out: Moss, Hosking
In: Dicker, Crook

Dicker is 20yo and on our development list. Ex-Calder Cannons and is a midfielder.

Crook is named at CHB but can also ruck. She’s also from our development list and currently with Calder Cannons (is 18yo). She is 178cm, which is OK for a KPP but giving up 12cm to Casey’s named ruck Caris (also 18yo, AFLW-listed, and in their bests last week). Eek. Ex-Bomber Bridie Winbanks (185cm) will provide extra ruck support (she was damaging against us in 2019). Double eek.

The good news is that it looks like the Melbourne AFLW team have pinched the forward who kicked 5 of Casey’s 7 goals last week (Breana Tarrant). The AFLW team play later in the day so they may need to hold someone out (that team has not yet been released yet).


Casey returns home for its Round 2 clash with Essendon on Saturday afternoon, looking to keep its perfect record in tact. The Demons were comprehensive after half time in their win over Carlton last week, while the Bombers showed some good fight and maturity in their opening round loss to Southern Saints.

Five-goal hero Brenna Tarrant is a key out for Casey after helping kick her side into gear, but the Demons will inject Niamh McEvoy into their forwardline this week. Maggie Caris and Megan Fitzsimon are other senior-listed players to watch through the spine of the side, while Samantha Johnson will again lead from midfield.

The Bombers look to be combining well after experiencing a touch more continuity than other teams, with the likes of Courtney Ugle and Cecilia McIntosh senior players who made a difference last week. They will go around once again, with Mia-Rae Clifford one to watch after a goalless outing and Grace Dicker a promising youngster also entering the fray. The test of another aligned team will be good for the Bombers, who can hopefully compete strongly.

3 VFLW games are being streamed this weekend — but not us. I don’t know how you’re meant to find these with the VFL(W) site being more or less abandoned; I came across them via a Google search.



Bombing raid in two hours…

Soulnet +1 will be attending.

Hopefully remembering to bring sunscreen or my face will turn into our clash strip (again).

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what quality do the Casey HOT CHIPS rate in at?

I’ve brought a peanut butter and banana sandwich, plus some grapes.

Bright sun, pleasant temperature, almost no wind: what have they done to the real Casey Fields?!?

DeMatteooooo again in the warm-up. Wait and see…

We’re in the red jumpers. Team as named.

Barba was warming up with the forwards.