VFLW - Round 3 vs Darebin @ The Hangar - away at home, 11:05am Sat 6 April 2024

Next game is “away” against Darebin at The Hangar.

Form for both sides

EFC 7-45 Port
EFC 35-35 Willy

Darebin 2-78 Willy
v SS at TBBO tomorrow morning

Hopefully we get our first win of the season next Saturday.

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Darebin got comfortably rolled by the Saints 34-9.

The Falcon goal scorer for the year is Georgia Gough.

Double digit disposals:

Shannon Egan dominated the hitouts for them (35).

Falcons haven’t kicked anymore than 1 goal against us since 2021

Season Round EFC score Darebin score Margin
2021 4 10.10 70 0.3 3 67
2021 14 7.10 52 0.2 2 50
2022 11 9.10 64 1.1 7 57
2023 10 6.6 42 1.2 8 34

Looking at this, we shouldn’t lose


(Falcs and Dons, a few others)

Whiting (WIL) 5
Kendall (BHH) 5
Luke (BHH) 5
Hunt (STH) 5
Melnikas, Adams, Gaylor, Ford (ESS) 1
Gough (DAR) 1
Bates (BHH) 62
Gogos (DAR) 45
Bunker (DAR) 36
Mahony (ESS) 36

Caruso (POR) 30
Lee (DAR) 28
Gogos (DAR) 24
Baisis (DAR) 23
Bunker (DAR) 22
Melnikas (ESS) 19

Pearce (COL) 63
Russell (ESS) 61
Egan (DAR) 56

Remmos (COL) 10
Wales (ESS) 6
Lee (DAR) 6

Bates (BHH) 28
Mahony (ESS) 24
Gogos (DAR) 21

Di Cosmo (NOR) 41
Bunker (DAR) 25
Mahony, Orritt (ESS) 15

Few notes:
Gogos, Lee, Bunker, Baisis their best
Box Hill would be fuming they don’t have Bates nor West for the entire season
Mahony’s REALLY good

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Thanks for the above. It’s not exactly the same format as what I usually post — e.g. Fleming broke herself and missed round two, but still has 39 disposals (total and average) to sit high in the stats.

Mahony is indeed very good. A handful of times she has tried to spend the ball before possessing it — oddly she is cleaner in the depths of packs with more pressure!

SFord had a slow-ish return game. Busch Adams and Williamson were pretty good mid. If Shaw and/or McNeice return then surely Chaston moves mid or forward, and they are by far our most dangerous player there — cuts through traffic and kicks long and fast.

Ultimately any game you win inside fifties 38-18 should not be a draw.

Gogos is a perpetual gun, but this is absolutely that chance to haul back large portions of percentage (which can still matter even you have a draw to your name). Saturday is forecast to be decent conditions… maybe still some dew at the start of the game.

Marnie Robinson is playing the AFLW Academy v U23 All Stars game on Saturday, so she’s out for this game.

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Plus Lucia Painter (Bendigo) and Kyla Forbes (Calder).

This week’s notes from Rookie Me on Darebin:

#4 Georgina Gough (Forward)
9/1/2004 | 169cm

Stats: Eight disposals, six tackles, one mark, one goal

Darebin’s lone goal kicker, there was more to the young forwards’ game than that.

She provided plenty of energy in attack, creating a lot of movement and presented well.

#33 Caitlin Bunker (Midfielder)
28/8/1993 | 165cm

Stats: 19 disposals, 15 tackles, six clearances, four rebound 50s

It was a true captain’s game from the former Magpie in only her second match in her new colours. She was the driving force behind the growing increase in defensive pressure from her side as the match went on, and truly led from the front with plenty of effective use of the ball and plenty of defensive pressure.

#36 Sam Baisis (Midfielder)
9/10/1996 | 165cm

Stats: 17 disposals, six tackles, five clearances, three marks

She may only be two games into her VFLW career, but Baisis seems to be settling into the standards expected at this level. She created plenty of drive out of midfield, but did so with a calmness and composure of someone with a lot more games at this level under their belt than Baisis has.
They spelt Baisis as Basis so I fixed that

Covers two of three girls I listed as their best in the stats the other day, in Bunker and Baisis through the middle. Gough could attack up forward if we give them those chances.

Wales will ■■■■ all over Egan in the ruck (if she’s selected) you’d think

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B: A. Gogos (1), K. Lee (43)
HB: S. Ruedin (32), C. Bunker (33), R. Christgoergl (20)
C: E. Rayment (35), O. Storer (21), M. Dematteo (52)
HF: E. Mackay (39), S. Cowley-Du Parquet, C. Kodagoda (15)
F: G. Gough (4), S. Egan (34)
R: A. Mifsud (9), V. Blackwood (44), S. Baisas (36)
INT: E. Southgate (48), J. Fitzpatrick (29), M. Rudzki (11), G. Wake (37), L. Collis (46)
EMG: P. Kearney (28), P. Trajkovski (23), L. Griss (18), A. Gottliebsen (10)

IN: V. Blackwood, M. Dematteo, J. Fitzpatrick
OUT: A. Gottliebsen, P. Louey, M. Shone
NEW: Monique De Matteo, 26, 168cm, Collingwood VFLW; Jess Fitzpatrick, 18, 171cm, St Mary’s/Collegians/Northern Knights

Demateooooooo in for her first game! Shone and Louey good outs for them.

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B: L. Bateman (63), 72. R. Murdoch
HB: M. Ford (42), A. Van Loon (26), C. Adams (15)
C: A. Gaylor (23), M. Busch (28), S. Ford (45)
HF: L. Williamson (13), J. Richardson (52), S. Orritt (68)
F: O. Manfre (43), E. Chaston (61)
R: S. Wales (30), A. Melnikas (64), R. Mahony (78)
INT: K. Russell (50), D. Ryan (51), M. Huta (56), T. Davidge (77), I. Porter (70)
EMG: E. Tassiopoulos (49), K. Tracey (46), M. Gray (48)

IN: L. Bateman, M. Huta, I. Porter
OUT: M. Robinson (U23 All-Stars), A. Cariss-Brett, A. Jordan
NEW: Isabelle Porter, 26, 167cm, Box Hill Hawks

Huta and Bateman playing their first game of the year
Porter is debuting!

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Hopefully it stays at our end, but vanLoon needs to step up. We have two talls named down back, two rucks, and maybe kinda you can claim Richardson forward. Eek.

Dematteeeeeeeeooooooooooo on the wing? I am also OK with Gogos hiding in the back pocket.

Interesting to see we named Adams at HB and Busch in the middle? I know Mia had a great game but I wonder if they will switch them?

Marianna Anthony in for spit Fark Carlton.

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Molloy’s been named as an emergency for Sydney lol

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Key players unavailable:

Arguably Ford, Ford, Chaston, and Mahony (particular the last two) remain on that level from our VFLW squad.

Using six AFLW players only.

While both can provide grunt down back, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are both mid at some point.

Those last four on the bench can play back, and presumably at least one of Gaylor/Ford/Huta/Ryan will NOT be rotating through the wing positions.

Darebin’s version of the lineup:

Gogos and Blackwood switched here.

You will not miss their debutant Fitzpatrick on the field with that hair!

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Those placements make more sense: but I hope the ball spends more time at HF and HB, where we will have the out-numbers.

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