VFLW - Round 3 vs Fark Carlton @ Princes Park, 2PM Sunday 27 Feb 2022 - Frew kicks 6 goals

Just getting in early as they actually announce the days and times.

P.S. Fark Carlton.

P.S. Despite what the VFL app says, we’re playing Fark Carlton and not Fark Northern. So don’t go to Preston City Oval :crazy_face:

We dodged (I think) the bullet of Game of the Week. But LOL at Footscray on 4.5% getting Game of the Week.

Saturday: Darebin v Hawthorn (LaTrobe, 11am, WARF Radio, YouTube); Geelong v Port Melbourne (Deakin, 11am, YouTube); Casey Demons v Port Melbourne (Casey Fields, 1pm, WARF, YouTube).

Sunday: Western Bulldogs v Southern Saints (VU Whitten Oval, 9.45am, AFL.com.au); Collingwood v Williamstown (Victoria Park, 9.45am, WARF, YouTube); Carlton v Essendon (Ikon Park, 2pm, WARF, YouTube).

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You have fallen into the same trap I did last night… Game is Sunday, not Saturday :slight_smile:

New ground, new day. Let’s do this!

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Old Fark Carlton.

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Fark Carlton also play Gold Coast from 5:10… I assume everyone gets chucked out before then, even if they want to remain.

Nah, that AFLW match is the following week (March 6)

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This makes three date mistakes for me on Blitz in the past 24 hours. Impressive.

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Fark Carlton going on about their 8 AFLW players in the VFLW last weekend. They tried stacking the team against us last year, immediately after their AFLW season ended, and lost 10.12.72 to 3.1.19…

LOL at the last line of their article not naming us.

Lauren Brazzale
Stats: 12 disposals, two marks.

She played on the wing, and she provided plenty of run on the wing. She was involved in some key scoring involvements, and she provided some great experience and leadership for the team.

Charlotte Hammans
Stats: 10 disposals, eight tackles, two goals.

‘Hamma’ played up forward, but she spent a little bit of time on the wing. ‘Hamma’ kicked two goals and looked very dangerous up forward, and then she also had eight tackles inside the forward 50 which is really impressive.

Annie Lee
Stats: 14 disposals, four tackles, three marks.

Annie had a great game off half back. She provided heaps of run and obviously she had lovely disposal by foot, and she was very efficient and dangerous running off from defence.

Imogen Milford
Stats: Nine disposals, four tackles.

Milford played deep forward but also a little bit up the ground as well. What was really impressive about ‘Milly’ was her work rate, it was really impressive. She got to heaps of contests and also had four tackles inside the forward 50.

Poppy Schaap
Stats: 12 disposals, five tackles, two goals.

Poppy was the most dynamic player on the ground. She played up forward, she was busy, she was on the move, provided plenty of pressure, she kicked two goals and had five tackles which was really impressive.

Brooke Vernon
Stats: Eight disposals, two tackles.

Brooke Vernon played down back and was really consistent throughout the day. She had some crucial spoils in defence playing on a really good opponent and she really stood up when the game was on the line.

Brooke Walker
Stats: 13 disposals, five tackles, three marks.

Brooke Walker played at half forward. Brooke got better as the game went along, she had five tackles, and she looked quite dangerous up forward and was really dynamic.

Charlotte Wilson
Stats: 12 disposals, five marks.

Charlotte played at centre half back, but also spent a little bit of time in the ruck as well. Charlotte took five marks and showed really good composure and leadership to our players.

The VFLW Blues’ next game will be on Sunday at IKON Park from 2pm.

A clip from last year:

Still waiting for the email from the league with this week’s teams :frowning:

Boooo. Was watching your icon like everyone else does the green N on training days…

I have a raw version of the Essendon team (from the league) - so I guess that might mean a misspell or two, or player out of position.

On the unavailable/injury front. Joanne Doonan will be available from next week, Bella Ayre is unavailable until TBC, while Eloise Gardner has a quad injury and is out for at least 3 weeks.

B 16. T. Crook 21. A. Morcom
BH 8. E. Ashley-Cooper 13. E. Hosking 19. N. Julian
C 42. J. Zanchetta 1. C. Ugle 18. K. Heil
HF 7. J.Davies 20. C. McIntosh 24. R. Tierney
F 17. F.Frew 4. M. Clifford
R 30. S. Nalder 3. S. Ford 5. G. Nanscawen
INT 14. D. Marshall 9. M. Anthony 23. A. Radford
44. G. Dicker 10. E.Cornish
EMG 12. I. Currenti 2. M. Trethowan 15. L. Caruso
46. G. Elarmaly 45. B. Clarke 22. N. MacDonald

Here’s Fark Carlton’s team.

B 31. B Vernon 9. B Gurr
BH 23. A Lee 34. C Wilson 19. A Jordan
C 7. A Bild 1. A. Klingbeil 30. L Brazzale
HF 32. B Walker 37. C Hammans 6. E Honybun
F 14. T Zampaglione 40. I Milford
R 18. J Borg 2. L Goss 27. A Thorneycroft
INT 17. N Moore 20. M Di Cosmo 21. V Murphy
22. T Nicolaou 3. S Lawrence
EMG 12. S Ingram 24. M Wilson 10. C Linssen
4. O Madden 26. M Cowan 12. M Jarvis
28. T Kolevski

P.S. I really got to ask the Blitz admin how to slightly change my username, so it doesn’t look like I’m speaking on behalf of all WARF Radio (cause out Fark Carlton supporter commentators will get cranky!).


So in Dicker and Davies, out Nattie and Manfre.

Harsh but fair.


… is that the mysterious Thomay Nicolaou* playing for them?!?

*For those who don’t remember, our elderly developmental player last year.

I’m more concerned about the Madden listed… Are there OTHER Maddens we don’t know about?

(i kid, i kid)

She’s not OTHER, she’s OLIVIA.

(Justin’s daughter)



(but good for her)

Fark Carlton are down from 9 AFLW players last week to 7 this week. Poppy Schaap (2 goals) is one of the outs, perhaps getting her second game of AFLW instead.

31 B Vernon (B)
23 A Lee (HB)
34 C Wilson (HB)
30 L Brazzale (W)
32 B Walker (HF)
37 C Hammans (HF, 2 goals last week)
40 I Milford (FF)

6 E Honybun was in their 2021 top-up list.

18 J Borg this year comfortably continues to top the VFLW hit-out stats (on 61 after two weeks, next best is 46, Nalder is 31).

2 L Goss had a big game on-ball last week.

1 A. Klingbeil in the middle had the most disposals (20) for them, though.

175cm Tayla Kearns kicked 2 goals last week, but is not named this week. Probably too scared to match up vs Marshall.

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