VFLW - Round 3 vs FCFC @ The Hangar, 1pm Sat 8 April 2023


Previous matches:

Year-Round For Against Margin
2018-14 17 92 -75
2019-04 32 15 17
2021-09 72 19 53
2022-03 79 27 52
2022-08 61 15 46

Hmmmm. Will Marianna Anthony dump Norf and play for FCFC against us this week?

(She just got oldie drafted to their AFLW list.)

There is potential for a LOT of ex-Essendon players to be in their team: Anthony, Di Donato, Hosking, Lennox, and the mysterious Thomay Nicolaou.

Stats Leaders (leaders, us, FCFC, maybe a few others).

Apart from goals, these are averages but all are sorted by their total.

1 - Jess Bates (Pies) 28
8 - Maddi Di Cosmo (FCFC) 21
8 - Marianna Anthony (???) 21

1 - 3-way tie
1 - at least a 7-way tie, including our CAITLIN SARGENT

1 - Tahlia Meyer (Dogs) 8
4 - 5-way tie including Kasey Lennox (FCFC) 5

1 - Marianna Anthony (???) 11.5
2 - Maddi Di Cosmo (FCFC) 10
5 - 3-way tie including Ashlee Thorneycroft (FCFC) 9

1 - Sharnie Whiting (Willy) 19.5

1 - Jess Bates (Pies) 14
2 - Maddi Di Cosmo (FCFC) 10.5
7 - Amanda Klingbeil (FCFC) 10

1 - Kalani Scoullar (Cats) 36.5

There’s no new surprises from FCFC above, apart from Lennox… and she’s no Crook or Clarke.

Looking like:

SuperW March 25 :x:
VFLW March 26 :white_check_mark:
SuperW April 1 (in Fiji) :white_check_mark:
VFLW April 2 (not in Fiji) :x:
SuperW April 8 :white_check_mark:
VFLW April 8 (but 4hrs earlier) :x:
SuperW April 14 :grey_question:
VFLW April 16 :grey_question:
SuperW April 21 :grey_question:
VFLW April 22 :grey_question:

I don’t think we have to worry about Melbourne making the SuperW finals, though!

Marianna Anthony is confirmed out of the Norf team, and presumably to play with FCFC against us.

Big changes, not fully documented in the EFC article. Give me a sec to work it out.

New AFLW signing Kodi Jacques will play her first game in the red and black, while AFLW rising star Paige Scott will also play her first ever VFLW for the club.

The match will also feature two club debutants in Sophie Molan and Chloe Prpic.

AFLW listed player and premiership play[er] Joanne Doonan will also play her first VFLW game for the season.

Renee Tierney has been ruled out for the game.

B 49. Crook 45. Clarke
HB 41. Ugle 73. Molan 28. Busch
C 56. Huta 33. Clarke 78. Heil
HF 32. Scott 43. Manfre 59. Hart-Aluni
F 12. Doonan 80. Sargent
R 76. Ryan 16. Jacques 11. Barba
INT 79. Strahan 55. Cornish 77. Davidge
44. Dicker 58. Prpic
EMG 51. Spargo 64. Pearson 48. Gray
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Molan (EFC debut)
Prpic (EFC and VFLW debut)
Scott (EFC VFLW debut)
Jacques (EFC VFLW debut)

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Swapping in and out a third of the team helps to disguise that some of the changes are more about structure/availability than form. I make there at least seven players on our VFLW list or who have already played for us this year (e.g. the latter condition includes the injured Tierney) who would waltz into the best 21 based purely on form/talent.

Here’s a rough attempt to summarise the changes:

Role In Out
Fwd/mid Scott, Doonan Tierney, Hurrell
Large mid Molan
Small ute Jacques Spargo
Tall ute Heil Richardson, Bateman
KPP Manfre Pearson
Medium def Prpic Gray

OK, having codified it as above: it’s pretty easy to call that an upgrade both quality and experience/leadership-wise.


Ugle and Heil will become joint leaders with Sim Nalder on 58 games for Essendon VFLW.

Official listing confirms Tierney the only out via injury.

Honybun out for FCFC (see below) helps to reduce their pretty deep midfield. Only three ex-EFC players named against us – Marianna Anthony doing the right thing by us, and sitting it out.

B: P. Trudgeon (14), K. Lennox (13)
HB: A. Bild (7), G. Lawson-Tavan (10), M. Di Cosmo (20)
C: E. Hosking (3), T. Ortlepp (2), B. Vickers (36)
HF: R. Watts (35), A. Klingbeil (1), A. Thorneycroft (27)
F: M. Cowan (26), C. Bain (4)
R: E. Hurley (18), C. Bernardi (40), B. Gurr (9)
INT: O. Di Donato (31), E. Wood (10), G. Tait (29), L. Robertson (16), I. Khoury (5)
E: T. Nicolaou (22), K. Day (17), J. Dunne (39), V. Murphy (21)

IN: T. Ortlepp, L. Robertson, R. Watts, E. Wood
OUT: K. Day, V. Murphy, E. Honybun (injured), M. Runting (injured)

So it looks like Clifford is preferring to play Rugby.
We should base our selections now on those that want to compete for only the club.

And everyone knew that but still voted her in as captain. How silly of them.

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For those playing at home, Sophie Molan came through the U18s with the GWV Rebels, as played 6 VFLW games with the Bulldogs in 2019 (including their Grand Final loss).

Drafted by Richmond and played four seasons for them.

22yo and 5’9 tall with a basketball background.

Also a ginger, which therefore means I 100% endorse this VFLW recruitment!


Putting the space behind, not in front of, Dicker is… yuck.

All Tay Hart-Aluni wants for her 22nd birthday is a win.

She also played 5 VFLW games with Richmond-affiliate Port Melbourne across 2021-2022, averaging around 17 disposals and 8 tackles.

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Rear vehicle gate closed.

Side ped gate closed.

Spitting rain.

Amber Clarke not playing today.

Spargo the replacement.

Clifford helping in the warm-up.