VFLW - Round 3 vs NT Thunder @ TIO Stadium, Darwin, 4pm Saturday 19 May 2018

Mackrill is out, so I’m not going.


B: 14. J. Barker, 16. L. Morecroft, 26. A. Madden
HB: 27. A. Morcom, 7. K. Hicks, 25. R. Neaves
C: 44. M. Collier, 9. L. Williams, 46. C. Ugle
HF: 43. D. Ponter, 18. K. Heil, 6. A. Quigley
F: 4. N. Hardy, 30. S. Nalder, 35. V. Moreau

R: 12. B. Kearney, 8. H. Bullas, 20. J. Anwyl

Int: 22. N. MacDonald, 37. I. Malliaras, 1. J. Trend, 49. A. Ward

Emg: 40. G. Golds, 21. K. McFadyen, 28. C. Portlock, 42. K. Waldie

23P: 15. L. Caruso

In: I. Malliaras, J. Barker, A. Ward, N. MacDonald, C. Portlock, K. Waldie

Out: M. DeMatteo, T. Mackrill

NT THUNDER vs ESSENDON – Saturday 4pm @ TIO Stadium

[LIVE on Thunder TV video stream]


The Thunder convincingly beat the Darebin Falcons in Round 1 and head into the weekend rested off the back of a bye. Essendon is winless to start the season after losing to Hawthorn and Melbourne Uni in the opening two rounds.


How will travel affect the VFLW clubs this season? Never before have VFLW teams had to travel outside the state to play, but with NT’s inclusion in the competition, TIO Stadium in Darwin will be host to a handful of games this year. The Thunder should hold a unique advantage over its opponents at the ground, but this will be balanced by the fact that NT must travel to Victoria every second week.


The Bombers increased their pressure around the contest against Melbourne Uni in Round 2 by applying 23 more tackles than the Mugars. Lisa Williams laid 10 while teammate Hayley Bullas added another nine. Essendon will want to use this hardness to restrain a more experienced Thunder group.

NT Thunder scored 86 in their only game, away at Darebin. Apparently the team is stacked with Adelaide AFLW players.

This might get ugly for us…

Game will be streamed:

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I’ll put a post here. You look lonely.

Also, go bombers!

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could you change thread title to R3 pls

I was just forcing you to post so Soulnet didn’t feel lonely…


And I did not want that either. Sharing is caring, as they say at childcare.

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So, are Long or Hird ever going to play, or was that just a cynical marketing thing?
(If so, would work better if they played…)

Disappointed that you won’t be there @theDJR I was hoping for a Lisa watch. Lucky we have the live stream.
I am tipping against all odds that we will get up and my girl will kick the winning point with three mins to go.


Not sure if we’re getting updates at:


Stream has started. We’re wearing the all red jumpers today.

Willo has won the toss and we are kicking to the left of screen in the first term (the Michael Long Centre end).

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We lead at 1/4 time. 4.0.24 to 3.4.22.

We actually held a 15 point lead, until the Thunder closed the gap, got in front, then just before the siren Ponter kicked a goal to give us the lead.


Essendon should win three games today.

Make it so.

Our weekly scores are increasing exponentially!

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Ouch! The Thunder whack us 5.2 to zip in the 2nd term.

Struggled to link up between the half back flank and the wing. Got stuck in our own back half for all of that quarter.

Goal kickers so far… Heil 2, Hardy, Ponter.

Half Time: Essendon 4.0.24 NT Thunder 8.6.54

My girl is amazing. Regardless of result today. Go baby

They decided to pile on another four goals.

NT Thunder 12.8.80 lead Essendon 4.0.24.

We haven’t scored in two quarters.

Their fitness is running rings around us… oh, and they have 13 current or former Crows AFLW players in their side.

Need to highlight this - our girls are doing a magnificent job.

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Final score: Essendon 4.0.24 defeated by the NT Thunder 14.12.96

We didn’t score a goal after quarter time, while they piled on 11.8.

Players liked Foley (Crows AFLW) and Swanson (Giants AFLW) doing as they pleased.