VFLW - Round 3 vs Richmond @ Punt Road, 12noon Saturday 25 May 2019

Bullas and AshleyCooper getting lots of contested wins.

The bank robber marks but kicks left.


Trevean is forward.

We put two out on the full on the wind-favoured wing.

Which sets up their 34. A. Makur Chuot to bomb a goal from near fifty.


The bank robber literally steals the ball out of a contest and gets to run into goal and dob it from twenty.


Tigers moving the ball forward with a lot more purpose than we are

Moreen badly molested on her first lead.

Front of our goal now

Dematteo makes an unbreakable tackle in the pocket and…


6-14 at 16 minutes into the first quarter

Never in doubt!

now we rolling

The bank robber can play, I’ll give her that. Almost goals from a ridiculous bounce.

Later we make an awful sideways kick that is intercepted and they sweep down to goal in the final minute.

costly dropped mark there

1.0.6 trails 3.2.20

Tiggers got some impressive talls over the length of the ground.

We huddle before actually reaching the huddle.

3-2-20 to 1-0-6

Svarc (I think) went for a run late that quarter. Could be the fastest player in the league.

Didn’t even notice Nanscawen that quarter. Lift!

Puruntatameri is playing back, as named.

Kendra has something to say before the 1–2-3 Bombers… very much still has the Canadian accent.