VFLW - Round 3 vs Richmond @ Punt Road, 12noon Saturday 25 May 2019

Swing our way, wind…

CBomb with some bodywork on a bigger player and into a one-two.

Richmond’s 16. C. Wakefield is hurt but walks off.

Morcom a great defensive mark.

Mystery throw-in free in front of their goals… and they fail to score from 25 out.

Nanscawen now busy… or I’m just looking for her.

A series of only-just handballs sets up a set shot for them. Falls short and Puruntatameri marks and rebounds strongly.

Tiggers lead with their head, and duck - free kick

Richmond deliberately headbutt us in the gut, and the ump is a moron. Sets up a set shot…

Nalder touches it on the line.


Ok, what was that for?

Mystery free way off the ball gives them ANOTHER shot on goal.

And miss. Umps are gonna have to work harder than that.


Nalder is not getting all the hit-outs today.

ugles gonna be a star right?

Both teams with an extra women behind the ball. The zoning rules from last year are gone, it seems.

We need a goal in the next three minutes…

That last kick of ours was oddly INTO the wind.

Wind pls.

ugly game of footy

Svarc intercept mark at our fifty. Centre to Audrey but her kick is just short.

One last contest…