VFLW - Round 3 vs Richmond @ Punt Road, 12noon Saturday 25 May 2019


…and Richmond kill it. Audrey was centimetres from goaling and DeMatteo almost got a snap off from fifteen out.

1.0.6 trails 3.4.22

The score is a reasonable reflection of midfield dominance by Richmond. Their forward line has shown little more than ours, but had a million more chances.

No live stats, sadly. Any stats from the broadcast?


A few VFL players out for a stroll.

The crosswind gets strong around the middle of the ground.


I didn’t mention it Monday but Gleeson has an impressively space-filling beard.


not really


Random comments: Saundry is slow. CBomb has tricks. Puruntatameri starting on bench this half.


Smother and behind to them.



We’re under siege. Hold!!!




We kick out to the grandstand protected side.


And when it comes back we do an awfully risky kick the other way to a contest: turnover and goal. That was dumb.





We just can’t move the ball up the ground by foot, and they can. Mark in easy range.



Every ruck contest the Richmond hand is clear above Nalder’s.



why didnt we kit out the VFL W team with the indigenous Guernsey like richmond did?


Moreen not given a run up the ground at all. Do it.


Wall of defence has broken here.

6-44, 14 scores to 1.


I blame the jumper.


Ugle intercept mark and she runs in to kick out on the full. But Richmond panic and hit Stepnell high.

Miss. Argh.



Richmond parked a ruck down back.


Another 50…