VFLW - Round 4 vs Casey @ The Hangar, 11am Sun 16 April 2023

Debuting for Casey:

  • Amber Kinnane, 21, East Fremantle
  • Siobhan Sheerin, 27, Caulfield Grammarians
  • Teagan Williams, 19, Golden Square/Bendigo Pioneers/Essendon VFLW

EFC managed to name Chaston just once (FF line, and not emergencies).

Training: VanLoon VanLoon MBateman MBateman MBateman MBateman MBateman MBatem FFS doesn’t work MelanieBateman MelanieBateman MelanieBateman MelanieBateman yay (the previous MelBateman was a dud when you live in Melbourne) Sutton Radford MadGray Krystal Chaston Chaston Chaston


Looks like we’ll largely or entirely escape any further rain.

Rear gate is open but manned.

Side gate is closed.

Forward group matches named team: all smalls.

Alana with the backs, as named.

MBateman with the defenders. She played as the second tall forward in her last game.

“Seating” unchanged.


Sargent in the warmup… in boots.

Tierney helping at the goal face, no obvious injury any more.

It’s stopped raining, but this will be a slippery day.

No obvious injury for Huta.

Sun is out!

Prespakis back from her holiday.

Their ruck is… large.

Bannan is otherwise about their tallest player.

Sargent not playing.

We lose the toss, and will kick vaguely into the wind.

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The running track sucks. Pour some more stone onto it, EFC.

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Bench includes Krystal.