VFLW - Round 4 vs Casey @ The Hangar, 11am Sun 16 April 2023


Which Casey will be named/turn up? Because (small sample, I know) the Pies are not good, but Footscray is.

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The most recent/relevant game was the first practice match of this year, in which we beat them 33-31.

It will be 21 days from the Hawks game, so hopefully Morcom will be over her hamstring awareness. Need quality help in the backline so Ugle can return to the midfield.

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VFL will follow this game at 2pm (also vs Casey).

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Stats Leaders (leaders, us, Casey, maybe a few others). Toss a coin on whether half of these Demons play.

Apart from goals, these are averages but all are sorted by their total.

1 - Jess Bates (Pies) 26.7

1 - Clara Burke (Casey) 6 – tied with ex-Cannon Mali McLeod, never on our list
3 - at least an 8-way tie, including Alyssa Bannan and Megan Fitzsimon of Casey

1 - Tahlia Meyer, Tessa Boyd, Maddie Boyd 5.7
5 - Alexandra Kirkwood (Casey) 4.3

1 - Maddie Di Cosmo (FCFC) + Stella Reid (Port) 10+15
3 - Lauren Caruso (Port) 9.7
6 - Marla Neal (Casey) 8.7

1 - Sharnie Whiting (Willy) 17.3
8 - Megan Fitzsimon (Casey) 19.5

1 - Jess Bates (Pies) 12.7

1 - Kalani Scoullar (Cats) 29.7
2 - Jorja Borg (Dogs) 28.7 ← I was at this week’s game; she’s always got lots of taps but has rarely impressed me
7 - Tahlia Gillard (Casey) 32

SuperW March 25 :x:
VFLW March 26 :white_check_mark:
SuperW April 1 (in Fiji) :white_check_mark:
VFLW April 2 (not in Fiji) :x:
SuperW April 8 :white_check_mark:
VFLW April 8 (but 4hrs earlier) :x:
SuperW April 14 :white_check_mark: ← announced last night
VFLW April 16 :grey_question:
SuperW April 21 :grey_question:
VFLW April 22 :grey_question:

Essendon fans wanting to attend the matches are advised there will be no on-site parking at the NEC Hangar, with patrons encouraged to park on Melrose Drive or seek public transport alternatives.

Teams for this Sunday…

B T. Crook (49) A. Van Loon (26)
HB M. Bateman (62) S. Molan (73) A. Barba (11)
C K. Heil (78) J. Doonan (12) C. Ugle (41)
HF A. Clarke (33) P. Scott (32) R. Sutton (72)
F E. Chaston (61) T. Hart-Aluni (59)
R M. Ryan (76) A. Radford (22) K. Jacques (16)
INT M. Gray (48) K. Russell (50) C. Prpic (58)
G. Dicker (44) T. Davidge (77)
EMG E. Chaston (61) M. Pearson (64) O. Manfre (43)
E. Cornish (55)
INS A. Van Loon A. Clarke M. Bateman
R. Sutton A. Radford M. Gray
K. Russell E. Chaston
OUTS O. Manfre A. Strahan E. Cornish
B. Clarke M. Busch (injured) M. Huta (injured)
L. Spargo C.Sargent
B B. Woolcock (16) E. Horne (26)
HB K. Carew (17) C. Wilson (46) G. Gall (29)
C D. Smith (3) M. Neal (7) A. Kirkwood (6)
HF N. O’Neill (19) A. Bannan (30) C. Burke (12)
F M. Fitzsimon (20) T. Williams (36)
R L. Swain (50) S. Goldrick (43) C. Keohane (40)
INT T. Burn (4) S. Fairchild (8) A. Kinnane (49)
I. Lehman (11) S. Sheerin (5)
EMG B. Borchard (37) S. Rummel (28) I. Makai (1)
INS G. Gall S. Fairchild S. Goldrick
D. Smith S. Sheerin A. Kinnane
T. Williams
OUTS K. Henderson C. Sexton E. O’Connor
B. Borchard G. Campbell M. Hogg
C. Conroy

Is that Collingwood’s Eloise Chaston we’ve named (both forward AND as an emergency?)

Bella Clarke, especially, and Sargent being out sucks.

Definitely a bump up overall, and my Whipping Girl is out so yay!

Have confirmed it is that Chaston. Was cut from Collingwood AFLW this year.

Chaston, a previous captain of Coates Talent League side Eastern Ranges, played 11 games across two seasons. They primarily played across the midfield and the forward line, with their attack on the footy a clear standout feature of their game.

Brendan Rhodes summarises it as:

Reigning rebel VFLW premier Essendon has made eight changes as it tries to break its 2023 duck against Casey Demons at the NEC Hangar on Sunday.

Flag star Amelia Radford and top AFLW draft pick Amber Clarke return for the Bombers, while Collingwood AFLW recruit Eloise Chaston and draftee Ash Van Loon will don the sash for the first time.

For their part, the Demons have made seven changes and there will be plenty of quality sitting on the sidelines, with vice-captain Mel Hogg, Eloise O’Connor, Caitlin Conroy, Georgia Campbell, Kara Henderson and Brooke Borchard all going out.

East Fremantle recruit Amber Kinnane makes her debut alongside Teagan Williams, who played twice for the Bombers last year and VAFA player Siobhan Sheerin.

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Also told the game will be live on 97.7FM Casey Radio (for those wanting commentary).

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Ignoring round 1 games, the 8 changes here is the equal-greatest in the history of our VFLW team. And this is clearly the most unforced changes, as round 11 of 2022 was COVID/other illness/injury-riddled.

Ash van Loon is making her VFLW debut. She of course played all 10 games in our inaugural AFLW season.

12 of our team will be on their 8th, or fewer, VFLW game (Chaston to play her 7th; has also played 11 AFLW games).

This will be the first day featuring a sister and brother playing for us.

(Reese and Jake Sutton. The younger sibling is of course better.)

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We are playing 7 current AFLW players, +2 on last week.

Casey are playing 6: Woolcock, Wilson, Gall, Bannan, Fitzsimon, and Goldrick. That’s the same as last week.

Of course not all AFLW players are equal – e.g. I’m glad Gillard has had this fortnight off. Please have a bad day, Bannan.

Note that Cloke coached Chaston at Eastern Ranges.


Expect dry conditions for both games, and a similar wind to last week (i.e. moderate, but mostly blocked by the bulk of The Hangar).