VFLW - Round 4 vs Darebin @ The Hangar, 10:30AM Sunday 21 March 2021

This is a Radio 3DJR exclusive match (no WARF Radio and we are not one of the four games being video-streamed).

In: Dicker, Julian (debut with us)
Out: Snell, Hosking

Hmmm. Based on performance, Snell >>>>>> Dicker.

Not sure if their Elarmaly is related to our Elarmaly.

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Don’t know much about 28yo 168cm Nicole Julian. Her 2019 VFLW stats with Norf/Melbourne Uni don’t support her being a(n effective) midfielder, but I can see she has been named there previously.

Nicole Julian as well just started with us, she was at North Melbourne previously but comes from more of a kickboxing background. She came over and in one of her very first training sessions with us she did a knee injury, so she’s kind of been in rehab since the start of November but we’ve been working through that with her and we’re hoping she’ll be ready by about Round 2.”

will see how I feel after the game tomorrow night but hope to sneak out for this one

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Darebin will have a couple of untimely absences, with the reliable Kathleen Roe and dangerous forward Hayley Munro among three players to come out of the team. In their place, Julia McArdle and Mikayla Meyer come in via the bench as Vanja Smiljanic gets her chance starting in midfield alongside skipper, Steph Simpson .

Come watch a team that builds your soul, rather than destroying it.

Game day!

Desperately needed. A win bumps us up to fourth place (third if Casey fall to the Saints).

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Steady light rain persists. Weird low wind again, from the east.

DeMatteo in her third warmup as emergency this year.

do they ever stream/broadcast these?

Nicole Julian warming up with the midfield.

Last week. Four games this week but not us.

I am senile. I think I see Snell warming up.

EDIT: it was Davies. Long dark hair in a non-braided ponytail.

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Darebin would be very happy to have these wet conditions.

Crowd is about a tenth of last week.


Quigley is kicking accurately, unlike last week.

Celie has her camera 90% in a bag.

Radio 3DJR coming to you from Bullant Hill. I’ve found my “third hand”.

Only bit by one of the buggers so far.


Sadly, I am senile. Dicker is playing.

Barba first clearance. Their ruck is big.

Darebin outsize us in most positions. Will they exploit that in slippery conditions?

Down our half so far (kicking south).