VFLW - Round 5 v Richmond @ Punt Road, 4pm Saturday 2 June 2018

In our first four weeks we’ve played 3rd (should be first, played one less game and still scored ~100 more than the nominal top two!), 4th, 5th and 10th.

In Richmond’s first four weeks they’ve played 2nd, 6th, 8th, and 13th (last on the ladder, and the only team Richmond have beaten).

The quality drops off quickly in this league.

We’ve conceded the most points in the league but on the good side we’re scoring better than any of the other bottom five teams (including Richmond). That’s why I think we’re an excellent chance to win our first game in this Punt Road/MCG double-header. Get around ‘em.

(Richmond had the comedy spot of holding Footscray to 3 points in the first round, and then scoring only 4 points themselves the next week!)


@Catherine_Lio: will Ponter be back for this game?

I believe so, yes. Hopefully she is named!


Any idea what is happening with Michaela Long, out injured?

From the games I seen so far, the side looks like it’s still tweaking the forward set-up, but that’s not the problem.

Whenever we get stuck in our own backline, we struggle to get it out past the half-back flank.

On the rare occasion we do, we have the speed to burn and usually score quickly.

Hopefully this should turn around in a couple of weeks when Tanya Hetherington comes into the side, a very Dustin Fletcher like defender, with a long booming kick.

Oh, and we’ll have a radio broadcast of the game - details later in the week.


Judging by her Instagram post this morning it looks like she is back and training -which is great news!

Match to broadcast live on RSN Carnival digital radio, RSN Racing & Sport App, as well as rsn.net.au/digital-radio live from 3pm for a 4pm first bounce - Dreamtime ceremonies 10 minutes before first bounce.

*For DJR or anyone else with a pocket radio, will have an 89.1 FM at the ground only transmitter working

Current or former AFLW players in BOLD.


B: 20. J. Anwyl, 23. L. Morecroft, 15. L. Caruso

HB: 27. A. Morcom, 7. K. Hicks, 25. R. Neaves

C: 44. M. Collier, 8. H. Bullas, 46. C. Ugle

HF: 35. V. Moreau, 18. K. Heil, 43. D. Ponter

F: 4. N. Hardy, 6. A. Quigley, 32. T. Mackrill

R: 30. S. Nalder, 9. L. Williams, 37. I. Malliaras

Int: 14. J. Barker, 12. B. Kearney, 22. N. MacDonald, 1. J. Trend

23P: 49. E. Bult

Emg: 3. M. DeMatteo, 47. I. Farchione, 26. A. Madden, 28. C. Portlock


B: 84. L. Bieniara, 77. J. Hocking, 69. E. Burry

HB: 73. L. Davie, 63. J. Graham, 70. E. Findlay

C: 75. B. Lynch, 76. E. Ross, 55. C. Wakefield

HF: 53. K. Dixon, 64. E. Gunn, 57. E. King

F: 66. A. Barden, 79. L. Tesoriero, 61. J. Colwell

R: 88. P. Monahan, 83. J. Gardner, 51. J. Kennedy

Int: 82. G. Bibby, 68. A. Edmonds, 71. L. Stephenson, 59. A. Woodward

23P: 89. G. Egan

Emg: 86. N. Clarke, 80. J. Louttit, 62. T. Muller, 58. C. Musico

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I only attend games in which Mackrill is playing.

See ya all at Punt Road.

We’re gonna win.


Long and Hird are never going to actually play, are they?

I think they might be just getting the Team and players worked out and functioning to a decent degree before adding the likes of Long into it.

These games are virtually practice matches for us right now.


Richmond (9th, 1-3) suffered its third straight defeat last week when it lost to Williamstown by 31 points. Essendon (12th, 0-4) is still searching for its first win, going down to the Southern Saints by 36 points in Round 4.


Which team’s attack will win out? Both teams have been on the back foot over the last three rounds, with play mostly directed into their respective defensive 50m arcs. While the Tigers have generated more forward entries than the Bombers, the girls from Windy Hill score more often when inside 50 and possess greater accuracy in front of goal.


Essendon’s Hayley Bullas continues to make a name for herself with her aggressive approach to the game, leading the competition in tackles (40). Bullas recorded a season-high 19 tackles against the Saints in Round 4.

Perfect weather if you’re wearing four layers and have stuffed the scarf inside the jacket as well.

Quite a few people here four hours before the AFL starts and NOT going to the VFLW.

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Hipsters doing tightrope walking between trees.

Normal Punt Road gates not open. Enter via the building 100 metres to the west of there.


@PH_WARFRadio 89.1 is quiet commentary and a loud hum.

Fark Richmond play our men’s theme as we enter the ground. They better find the women’s version for use in two hours time!

Yes, 43 has been Ponter’s number all year, radio callers.

Female ump is scared, umpiring from thirty metres away.

We’re down one player already (Anwyl)

Richmond have some very big/tall girls.