VFLW - Round 5 vs Pies @ Victoria Park, 11am Sat 22 April 2023

Pies got smashed by Port, couldn’t smash Willy, and has knocked off two decent teams.


Paige Scott will be a compulsory out due to concussion. Weather forecast looks pleasant enough (six days out, I know) to bring back Sargent and/or others to bolster that forward line. Next week is Clifford’s last possible rugby match this season.

I didn’t ask Morcs or others how they were progressing today. Didn’t see Bella Clarke.

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Stats Leaders (leaders, us, Pies, maybe a few others).

Apart from goals, these are averages but all are sorted by their total.

1 - Jess Bates (Pies) 26.8

1 - Ciara Burke (Casey) 7
3 - DeMatteeeeeeeeeoooooooo (Pies) 5
6 - at least a 5-way tie, including Nyakoat Dojiok (Pies) and PAIGE SCOTT 4

1 - Tahlia Meyer, Tessa Boyd, Sarah Cameron, Maddie Boyd 5.7

1 - Jess Bates (Pies) 10.8
3 - Lauren Caruso (Port) 9.5

1 - Sharnie Whiting (Willy) 15.5
4 - Jess Bates (Pies) 14.3
10 - Nicole Julian (Willy) 10.5

1 - Jess Bates (Pies) 12.5

1 - Jorja Borg (Dogs) 29.3
7 - Sarah King (Pies) 27

No prizes for guessing who needs to be shut down!

Their captain Caitlin Bunker concussed, to cancel out Scott?

It did not even take Collingwood 40 seconds to get on the scoreboard when Jessica Bates slotted one through to get their scoring off and running.

Scoring was hard to come by for much of the quarter though as the ball lived between the 50s for much of the term.

Collingwood’s second goal of the term finally came about 12 minutes after its first, this time off the boot of Eleri Morris, and the Magpies had an 11 point buffer which they ended up taking into quarter time.

It did not go all Collingwood’s way in the first term, with fearless captain Caitlin Bunker going down with concussion early in the term.

The second quarter was an even lower scoring affair than the first.

With both defences holding strong and much of the play again between the 50m arcs, goals were even harder to come by.

Nyakoat Dojiok’s goal inside the opening five minutes was the only one for the term, and as such the Magpies lead was out to three goals at the main break.

The third quarter was where Box Hill’s resurgence started.

Despite dominating forward territory and possession early, it took a while but finally almost seven minutes into the quarter it got its first goal of the game off the boot of Jordan Mifsud.

However its second goal would not come for another almost 10 minutes, when Emerson Woods slotted one through with about four minutes to go in the quarter.

Crucially for the Hawks though, they had managed to keep Collingwood goalless for the entire third quarter, and as such were only a goal behind them heading into the last term.

Monique DeMatteeeeeeeoooooooooooooooooo was quick to ensure the Hawks were unable to keep that momentum going in the last term when she slotted through a goal from about 40m out to restore Collingwood’s lead to two goals.

Amanda Tessari countered about two minutes later with a goal of her own for the Hawks, but that would be the end of the Hawks resistance.

Two further Collingwood goals from some unlikely suspects in Rene Caris and Riley Christgoergl in quick succession further cemented Collingwood’s lead, before one last goal in the dying seconds from Alana Porter was the icing on the cake on an impressive performance from the Magpies.

Bates (27 disposals) and Matilda Zander (20 disposals) topped the ball winners tally for Collingwood, while Matilda Van Berkel (13 touches) did so for Box Hill.

Is it at Vic Park or the stupid AIA Centre?

Can’t see anything NOT saying Vic Park. They used Vic Park in round one.

ohhh I thought this was a double header but the VFLM is on Sunday. That’s annoying.

Whoever at EFC wrote the first paragraph got their news at least second-hand.

Paige Scott had a collision with an opponent in the fourth quarter against Casey Demons on Sunday.

Scott suffered a concussion and will miss round five of the VFLW due to concussion protocols.

Scott was taken to hospital for scans which were all clear and she was discharged on Sunday night.

Clifford named for the last Melbourne Rebels game this weekend.

After that, she’s all ours!

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Teams for this week…

B T. Crook (49) B. Clarke (45)
HB G. Clarke (17) S. Molan (73) E. Ashley-Cooper (74)
C K. Heil (78) J. Doonan (12) C. Ugle (41)
HF A. Clarke (33) M. Ryan (76) M. Wilson (66)
F E. Chaston (61) T. Hart-Aluni (59)
R S. Wales (30) A. Radford (22) A. Barba (11)
INT M. Bateman (62) G. Dicker (44) T. Davidge (77)
C. Prpic (58) L. Keck (75)
EMG Z. Hurrell (53) O. Manfre (43) K. Russell (50)
IN E. Ashley-Cooper B. Clarke G. Clarke
L. Keck S. Wales M. Wilson
OUT M. Gray K. Jacques A. Van Loon
K. Russell P. Scott R. Sutton
B J. Lin (35) R. Busch (67)
HB O. Storer (73) R. Christgoergl (56) E. Jackson (65)
C E. James (2) J. Bates (50) M. Jarvis (48)
HF E. Shepherd (49) E. Morris (21) N. Dojiok (61)
F M. DeMatteo (44) J. Tweddle O’Donnell (60)
R R. Caris (68) I. Evans (5) M. Zander (51)
INT T. Cowan (54) S. King (46) C. Van der Vlies (69)
S. Hosking (47) T. Hurst (45)
EMG A. Kane (57) A. Weston (58) E. Southgate (53)
IN T. Cowan I. Evans T. Hurst
J. Lin O. Storer
OUT C. Bunker (injured) S. Karlson (injured) A. Porter
A. Weston A. Whiley (injured)

I read our OUTS first, was sad-ish.

Then I read the INS and went WHOAH several times.

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See the 2023 squad thread for today’s article and video re: Lila Keck, the Bendigo Pioneers captain. And you can scroll up that thread to see earlier comments on her as well.

(Bendigo are having a bye this weekend. Didn’t manage to drag down Lucia Painter for this week. The Cannons also have a bye, but none of them snuck in.)

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OK, some numbers:

  • Kendra and Courtney will jointly extend the maximum number of games played for EFC VFLW to 60.
  • Lila Keck to make her VFLW and EFC debut.
  • Steph Wales and Georgia Clarke, AFLW-listed, to have their EFC VFLW debut.
  • Ashley-Cooper, cut from our AFLW team, to complete 1 of the 5 games required to get her to 50 EFC and VFLW games.
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A short list of small mid/forward Lila Keck’s achievements:

  • Pioneers captain
  • captain of Vic Country last year, as an “under-ager” 16yo
  • three years runner-up league B&F
  • 2 U18 team B&F
  • League Team of the Year 2022
  • played seniors at Strathfieldsaye last year
  • in the 30-across-the-country AFLW Academy

Brendan Rhodes goes on about us, has Pies as a footnote:

Essendon broke through for the first win of its rebel VFLW premiership defence last week and has rolled out the cavalry as it aims for two in a row against the in-form Collingwood at Victoria Park on Saturday.

The Bombers have recalled premiership players Eloise Ashley-Cooper and Bella Clarke to take on the Magpies, with AFLW recruits Georgia Clarke and Steph Wales to play their first games for the club, VFLW signing Maddi Wilson in for her second and Bendigo Pioneers young star Lila Keck to make her debut at just 17.

Last week’s best-on-ground Paige Scott is the biggest omission, going down with concussion late in the game.

The Magpies have recalled Tricia Cowan, Liv Storer and Joanna Lin among five changes, with captain Caitlin Bunker, Alana Porter and Selena Karlson among those out.

Bunker, Karlson, and Whiley were forced outs, with Porter “managed”. We also list van Loon as “managed”.

Elsewhere: Marianna Anthony debuts for FCFC, and Fede returns tonight for Port after her Japanese sojourn. Port have six out injured!

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Worth noting Davidge is one of the few players this year to have been named every week: and she’s certainly not got the profile of the others (Barba/Ugle/Dicker/Crook, and to a lesser extent Ryan).

We’ve named 40 different players in the first 5 games of this year; last year (17 games) it was 36.

Pies have a scant 4 AFLW-listed players in their team: Joanna Lin, Eliza James, Eleri Morris, and Imogen Evans.

We have stayed fairly constant and have 7: G & A Clarke, Molan, Doonan, Wales, Radford, and Barba. That’s 4 newbies to the club or the AFLW, and 3 returning VFLW premiership players.

(Shut up, I know Radford and Barba arguably qualify for both groups. But this is a VFLW thread, so they don’t.)

After 293 days and 14 missed games, Eloise Ashley-Cooper is back :heart:


Phone training: AshleyCooper AshleyCooper BellaClarke GClarke GClarke GClarke (Georgia is a common name and state, so a dud) Keck Keck Keck Keck (LilyBateman got the easy opening letters first) StephWales StephWales StephWales StephWales StephWales Wilson

Game day!

Mild temperature, likely entirely dry, light wind across the ground towards the camera.

Doonan loves the beach so much.

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