VFLW - Round 5 vs Port Melbourne @ The Hangar, 10:30AM Sunday 28 March 2021 - video stream from 10:25

We’re on @PH_WARFRadio next week. Surely the 1v4 (us) and the 2v3 (Pies v Casey) matches get video-streamed?

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Is it 9.30 or 10.30? Fixture on EFC says 10.30.

Their broadcast starts are an hour before the games start.

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How we’ve got here:

  • Ess lost to Saints (8th), and beat Casey (3rd), Hawks (10th) and Darebin (12th)
  • Port beat Saints (8th), Fark Carlton (7th), Willly (6th), and Geelong (5th).

(Fark Carlton and Willy are arguably in a temporarily elevated position; they have already had the pleasure of playing Darebin, and barely scraped over the line.)

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All three of our games are being video streamed this week.

Should be via:


Zero changes for us (some slight re-arranging of the named positions). Even the emergencies are identical.

On current form, some of these 23 are going to be unlucky later in the year when we bring in some of the best young midfielders in the state. Stepnell may be very worried about Gillard taking her spot.

Competition, and not having a couple duds in there because we have no choice, is good.

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Port have NOT named the leading goal-kicker in the league: Sophie Locke has kicked 9 of their 29 to date this year.

They have also NOT named their secondary goalkicker (Bernadi on 3).

We’ve had less reliance on any one individual: Clifford on 5, and Macdonald/Theodore/Barba on 4 (with Frew somehow only on 3).

Claiming their third straight win last round the Bombers will be riding a wave of momentum but that could quickly come to an end with their clash on Sunday against the undefeated Port Melbourne side. The Borough are full steam ahead, playing with class and conviction meaning Essendon will have their work cut out for them if they are to upset the apple cart and continue their winning ways.

The Bombers have a strong contingent of youngsters across the ground with Alana Barba and Felicity Theodore proving to be a consistent pair able to burrow in and commit to the hard yards. Georgia Nanscawen is a real game changer for Essendon and will be looking to be at her damaging best coming off a stellar Round 4 performance while Mia-Rae Clifford is also an excitement machine for the red and black. The Borough have no shortage of playmakers with Sophie Locke quickly making a name for herself alongside Cleo Saxon-Jones , though will need to make do without Locke this round. Other contributors that the Bombers will have to be wary of are Phoebe Monahan , Emily Harley and Sarah McNamara who has proven handy in front of the big sticks in recent weeks.

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Ess-Port not getting the video stream tomorrow, according to a comment at the end of the Cats-Dogs match today?

So just WARF and Radio 3DJR. Turn up instead.

Current ladder is below after four not-at-all-close games today. We need to win by about 3 goals to take second spot.

Team Games Points For Against Percentage
Pies 5 20 240 121 198%
Port 4 16 198 79 251%
Essendon 4 12 185 99 187%
Casey 5 12 208 131 159%
Cats 5 12 173 109 159%
Fark Carlton 5 12 178 213 84%
Saints 5 8 163 140 116%
Willy 4 8 86 134 64%
Hawks 5 4 154 240 64%
North 4 4 115 188 61%
Footscray 5 4 128 215 60%
Darebin 5 0 71 230 31%
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Incorrect @theDJR.

The Essendon v Port Melbourne game is BOTH the WARFRadio.com (from 9.30am) and VFLW Youtube stream (from 10.25am) game.

You might have mixed it up with that the North v Willi game is a standalone video stream game.

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Looking like a brilliant day for footy. Come see them shine!

Ever thought of a career in advertising?:thinking:

Took three minutes for @PH_WARFRadio to mention Blitz were discussing Sophie Locke… nah, that was just me talking to myself.

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As can be heard on the other station, there’s a bit of wind coming from the north (left of screen).

Interesting drill early during warm-up of stopping the attacking player trying to get off the mark.

This league is still old school :slight_smile:

I failed to properly count the number of players in this warmup, but I don’t think there are 25 out there… and DeMatteo and Cornish are in the group?

I’m counting 24 in this warmup: 7 forwards, 7 defenders, 10 midfielders. Cornish and DeMatteo included.

You can watch a live stream of the game by clicking on link below

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I screwed this up last week, but… no Dicker?