VFLW - Round 5 vs Saints @ The Hangar, 11AM Sunday 13 Mar 2022

And the same ump calls a high on Frew one second before the siren!

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Impossible angle with the wind and not being able to run around.

5.2.32 we trail 7.4.46 at the final break.

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Umps that quarter were truly horrible. Saints played great football, but umps gave them everything.

Radford now ahead of Stuart, who had just 2 disposals that quarter.

Saints gonna flood more than QLD.

Wind is huge. Get some clearances, and we win.

Nalder did well to cancel that contest against a small.

Saints an unco throw. All good.

Davies pushed in back. Has it fifty out. Poster.


I’ve been told to shut the hell up due to an adjacent conference.

Fark off ump. No opportunity.

Saints only one extra hanging back.

Dumb bomb to all of them. Luckily they can’t escape our end.

Tamsin lets her opponent get out the back too often.

Rolling scrum and stoppages. About seven minutes left.

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YES. Kendra roves off Manfre gets fed the ball by Manfre after a CBomb attempted mark. Started with DanMarshall just kicking it hard from the centre square.

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DanMarshall intercept mark… that they were slow to pay.

Double whistle for the downed Saint, please. She’s doing a great job bleeding away our valuable time. Ump waits 45 (?) seconds before stopping play…