VFLW - Round 5 vs Saints @ The Hangar, 11AM Sunday 13 Mar 2022

For a fifth week in a row, we dodge Game of the Week status, meaning we get Youtube streaming (and replay afterwards) rather than the dodgy AFL stream (and no ability to replay afterwards).

EDIT: apparently they’ve added the ability to watch later since I wrote the above.


We have your good self though.

We have never beaten the Saints.

In 2018 we lost 24-60 (we were still a month away from our first win).

In 2019 we lost 44-46, after CBomb mind-blowingly botched an easy chance to goal with a minute left (punish yourself below if you must). It would have been a huge win – at the time the Saints were second on the ladder with 9 wins from 11 games and had a league-leading percentage of 203%.

In 2021 we lost 29-47 in round 1, with the first half of that game arguably our worst half for the entire year. We ramped the pressure up massively after half-time, but it was too late.


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The Saints have beaten the two best teams of last year (both are looking a bit shaky), but didn’t utterly destroy Footscray like we did, and (worst of all) lost to Fark Carlton.

Saints AFLW play two hours after this game at Moorabbin, so will need to sit out at least one emergency.

WARFRadio.com will again be there live from 10am - as well as 89.1FM for those at the ground who want to listen delay free to our call.

Youtube stream (below) should kick in at 10:45am.


Injury report… (DJR please fix the format for me please)

Name Surname Type Weeks
Bella Clarke Quad 1
Mikaela Trethowan AFL Health and Safety Protocols
Georgia Nanscawen Knee rested
Bella Ayre unavailable 2
Eloise Gardner foot 6
Rebecca McDonagh unavailable 2

Gardner gone from 1 week to 6?!?

The weird format showed Gardner 6-Mar and McDonagh 2-Jan - got a feeling maybe the wrong info was put in by AFL HQ??


B 16. T. Crook 21. A. Morcom
HB 13. E.Hosking 14. D. Marshall 19. N. Julian
C 42. J. Zanchetta 1. C. Ugle 18. K. Heil
HF 7. J.Davies 20. C. McIntosh 24. R. Tierney
F 17. F.Frew 4. M. Clifford
R 30. S. Nalder 23. A. Radford 26. J. Doonan
INT 15. L. Caruso 9. M. Anthony
38. O. Manfre 10. E.Cornish 8. E. Ashley-Cooper
EMG 12. I. Currenti 45. B. Clarke
46. G. Elarmaly
Southern Saints
B 35. I. Gentile 2. L. Burke
BH 8. E. Nixon 6. G. McLean 32. G. Buchan
C 9. W. Laing 12. N. Cormack 25. R. Neaves
HF 24. K. Ripari 23. T. Kearns 19. O. Flanagan
F 39. G. De Angelis 31. A. Peck
R 16. A. Hynes 11. H. Stuart 4. D. Jolliffe
INT 26. C. Saultry 47. T. Meyer 13. M. Bertuna
14. H. Dyson 21. T. Boyd
EMG 7. N. Wallace 34. C. Keohane 18. C. Leighton
48. S. Nolan 50. S. Phillips 1. C. Slater

IN: Hosking

Out: Ford (and we still rested Georgia)

Bella Clarke is an emergency but is injured for 1 week?

Ford was dropped? Yeah nah.

AFL info is suspect? Hold the presses!

Looks very much like Excel screwing up “3-6”and “1-2”… which is still a big bump for Gardner.

Probably done by the same code monkey who put us sixth on the ladder after winning 98-0 in round one.


Why do you hate Liz so much?

The personal records of Brendan Rhodes strike again: Jessie Davies played 30 VFLW games before us (all with the Spurs?) and now has 20 with us to reach the big five-oh.

And ditto our team itself: game #50.

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Nicole Julian also reaches her 25th VFLW game (10 with us).

(We’ve got a couple big weeks coming up: next week Heil 50 and Anthony 25, and the week after Nalder 50. Those three are all EFC games.)

According to the article above Zanchetta has also been named in the Melbourne AFLW squad :crazy_face:

Ford is listed as “managed”.

The Saints have Burke (179cm FB) and Meyer (midfielder) listed in the AFLW squad, so they may or may not play here.

That’s actually all of their named AFLW players in this team. Good chance we have as many or equal AFLW players (1*).

For them:

In: Bertuna, Boyd, L Burke, Flanagan, Nixon
Out: R Saulitis, A Woodward (both to AFLW), S Black, C Leighton, N Wallace (all omitted)

*shut up, I know Georgia is not officially signed yet. We’ll do it if/when the AFL decide the rules and dates…

Pure stats analysis but…

Hannah Stuart was unstoppable as the clear best on the ground, also being voted by the coaches as having a perfect game. Stuart was able to collect 29 touches to go with her eight clearances and nine tackles and was able to assist Renee Saulitis in achieving five scoring opportunities with which she converted three with her 12 disposals.

Key Stat Winners:

  • Disposals: Hannah Stuart (29)
  • Goals: Renee Saulitis (3)
  • Clearances: Hannah Stuart (8)
  • Marks: Amelia Peck, Renee Saulitis (4)
  • Tackles: Hannah Stuart (9)
  • Hit Outs: Sarah Black (14)

Bad kicking is bad football. Bloody hell Collingwood.

Meanwhile hawks currently attempting to slaughter the doggies - but let them score.