VFLW - Round 6 vs Hawks @ Box Hill City Oval, 10AM Saturday 10 April 2021

Yes, again.

If we beat them again, we’re likely to go to third place because Geelong (3rd) and Casey (4th) are playing each other, and percentage-wise they’re both basically a single goal ahead of us.

Elsewhere, it’s likely Fark Carlton will get kicked out of the six (Pies beat them, Saints beat Willy). Good riddance.

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Last round the Hawks were easily beaten by Fark Carlton 65-35 – that is deceptive as the score was 64-10 at three-quarter time! Given the game was played at Princes Park you wouldn’t expect that to be a story of wind advantage.

Not clear if 3WBC 94.1 is still covering VFL this year. I don’t think they’ve done VFLW games previously.

No WARFradio this week.

Video streams yet to be announced.

Luckily, 3DJR exists, and actually bothers to tell people that they exist.


to avoid disappoint radio DJR, the vflw/vfl site is lying to everyone.

Game starts at 10am! See you there.

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Next you’ll be telling me that every game after this week will NOT be played at 00:00 Saturday!

I don’t know what to believe anymore.

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Calder girl Kasey Lennox (174cm KPD) has been named in the squad. I can’t see the positions on my phone so don’t know if she is in the 23 or an emergency.

DeMatteo is off the emergency list - the two of them may be the only change?

There are three changes, including the addition of two Calder girls.

Lennox (HBF) replaces Crook (listed as an emergency, though).

Friswell (CHF!!!) replaces Theodore (also an emergency).

The enigmatic Quigley is out entirely and replaced by in-out-in-out-in Hosking.

Caruso remains an emergency.

It seems a lack of injuries is forcing some interesting changes.

AshleyCooper swaps position with Julian (i.e. she moves from defence to midfield).

Otherwise, much the same setup as usual.

It’s round six and Abbey Holmes has played just one game for the Hawks.

Here are the changes since our 8.7.55-3.9.27 victory over them just four weeks ago. The Hawks have replaced 10 of their 21 players, and 8 of them also didn’t play in the last round vs Carlton. Yowsers.

IN: Friswell, Lennox, Julian, Dicker
OUT: Quigley, Crook, Theodore, Snell

E. Chaston - has not played this year
G. Bevan - has not played this year
R. O’Dwyer - has not played this year
I. Khoury - 1 game this year
J. Grace - 1 game this year
N. Garner - 1 game this year
T. Luke - 1 game this year
J. Richardson - 2 games this year, 10 disposals last round
K. Angelis - 2 games this year, kicked 2.1 last round
N. von Bertouch - 3 games this year, DNP last round

A. Cuss - 2 disposals in the previous game
A. Malander - 6 disposals and 1 point
A. Vine - 2 disposals
C. Bain - 6 disposals and 1 goal (is an emergency)
C. O’Malley - 10 disposals
E. Byrnes - 9 disposals
J. Owen - 5 disposals and 2 points
K. Hay - 4 disposals
K. Newton - 6 disposals
S. Bolding - 12 disposals (6th highest for them in that game; in the Hawk emergencies)


OK, this makes it look a lot less awful for them. Let’s hope Essendon is only raiding the good AFLW teams, so delayed for another week or two :sunglasses:

One of the most anticipated players to return is defender Tamara Luke from St Kilda, a former captain and 2018 premiership player for Hawthorn.

Luke is just one of the experienced group of AFLW players joining the Hawks, with Nicole Garner (Geelong), Georgia Bevan (Gold Coast Suns), and Nadia Von Bertouch (St Kilda) also pulling on the brown and gold jumper for the first time against the Bombers.

Two young players from the NAB League, Eloise Chaston and Ruby O’Dwyer, will also be making their debut in the brown and gold, with coaches already calling them future AFLW stars in the making.

Experienced players Meg Hutchins and Hannah Dyson will also return, while Izzy Khoury and Jess Grace have also earned a recall, completing the strong line-up.

Tamara Luke (St Kilda AFLW), Nicole Garner (Debut) (Geelong AFLW), Georgia Bevan (Gold Coast AFLW), Nadia Von Bertouch (Debut) (St Kilda AFLW), Eloise Chaston (Debut), Ruby O’Dwyer (Debut), Izzy Khoury, Jess Grace, Meg Hutchins, Hannah Dyson

Erin Byrnes (calf), Kristen Hay (ankle), Amy Malander, Emily McIlvena, Jemma Owen, Chloe Bain, Sophie Bolding, Alex Cuss, Chloe O’Malley, Tayah Kelly

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Tamara Luke is an old* monster (180cm, heavy build, ruck/key position).

Garner and Bevan are midfielders.

von Bertouch is a tall (176cm) forward/utility coming off many injuries.

Overall message: they’ve gone tall, big, and experienced (including Hutchins) and we’ve gone a bit smaller/younger/less experienced. Hmmm.

*8 years younger than CBomb

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Has rained overnight, but dry and windless right now. Forecast is for persistent light rain and a decent wind across the ground…

Georgia has her right calf taped.

FWIW, all three of the new AFLW-listed Hawks are, in fact, no longer AFLW-listed. All cut by their teams.

Friswell warming up with the forwards. Frew looks set to start there too.

Lennox has safe hands.

Three minutes of first warmup left.

As usual we were first out, last in.

OMG they’re so polite. Every single returned ball gets a smile and a “thank you”.

Davies end warmup with two curling goals from five metres behind the point post.

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Friswell is in 47.

Lennox is in 34.