VFLW - Round 7 vs Nth Melb @ Arden St, 10:05AM Sunday 3 April 2022

I think the 10:05 start indicates we’re being inflicted with Game of the Week and hence AFL streaming rather than YouTube.

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North are the sole remaining team who has beaten us every time (kinda; we beat their affiliated Melb Uni before they came into existence last year).

I think we’re about to fix that.

Confirmed. It’s the AFL.com.au streamed game of the week, with the replay later uploaded to VFLW.TV

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Nalder and Morcom* are set to reach 50 VFLW games (Nalder all with us, Morcom 44 with us).

*hoping Morcom’s old data of 6 games at Diamond Creek in 2017 is correct…

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COVID eliminates @PH_WARFRadio and @theDJR in the same week.

It’s a conspiracy!

Unlike Peter, I am not ruining a 100% attendance record since 2014 (or in my case 2018) – though I suspect I hold the record for not-player-not-staff EFC attendance.

Stream better hold up…

Someone say thanks to ol’ unco Nalder for me!

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I’ll be there but my reporting is limited to special comments only.

Covid from Oils?

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Maybe. Just hoping it wasn’t Ziggy; he’d be a super-spreader.


Sorry to hear DJR. Hope your covid days are smooth sailing. So far, it’s only been like a cold for me (knock on wood). In normal circumstances, I’d push on and call footy If I had just the cold, but alas, covid rules mean staying behind 4 walls for 7 days.

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Get better soon Dave

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Teams for this Sunday…

B 25. I. Ayre 21. A. Morcom
HB 45. B. Clarke 16. T. Crook 19. N. Julian
C 42. J. Zanchetta 1. C. Ugle 18. K. Heil
HF 7. J.Davies 20. C. McIntosh 24. R. Tierney
F 17. F.Frew 4. M. Clifford
R 30. S. Nalder 23. A. Radford 5. G. Nanscawen
INT 26. J. Doonan 9. M. Anthony
44. G. Dicker 8. E. Ashley-Cooper 14. D. Marshall
EMG 12. I. Currenti 22. N. MacDonald 15. L. Caruso
10. E.Cornish
B 5. M. McDonald 49. D. Taylor
HB 12. R. Hicks 1. M. Eastman 44. B. Gibson
C 6. A. O’Loughlin 15. S. Skinner 2. J. Mourney
HF 7. B. Slaney 21. E. Paterno 4. A. Rhodes
F 32. A. Vine 16. G. Nicholas
R 22. E. McGrath 42. E. Maurer 23. A. Scott
INT 29. T. Moss 18. A. Melnikas 33. T. Bradley
10. C. Fitzgerald 17. J. Jones
EMG 24. E. Macdonald 11. R. Burton 30. J. Hillas

IN: (Isa)bella Ayre (debut)
OUT: Hosking

I reckon Hosking has twice been unlucky to be dropped this year; is definitely improved on previous years. The perils of having a better list!

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Just three Norf AFLW-listed players:

  • Britanny Gibson – veteran 173cm defender
  • Alice O’Loughlin – listed as a 170cm forward, but named wing here
  • Ella Maurer – big-bodied inside mid

They have limited stats leaders, especially compared to last year when they over-possessed like crazy people.

Annabel Scott is sixth in the league for marks (behind Clifford and Tierney, and tied with Danielle Marshall).

Brooke Slaney is 7th for handballs (behind Zanchetta, Radford, and Nanscawen).

And that’s it.

EDIT: it’s not it. See later post re: ruck.

On their bench is 178cm Taylor Moss, who was on our list for at least the last two years.

She played round one last year in Nalder’s absence, and had zero disposals and four hit-outs… so we went with two non-rucks in round two.

I’d also like to ask for forgiveness for not referring to Norf by their correct name…

The Marshmellows.


Apologies, missed Liz McGrath as the second-highest hit-outs in the league. Their coach likes her, saying after last week:

“Liz would have to be the No.1 ruck in VFLW, she’s just spectacular. It’s not only her tap-work but its her positioning around the ground. She gets a lot of intercept possessions for us and her ability to follow up and win ground balls and tackles is brilliant,” Binder said.

She averages 23.5 hit-outs, 12.5 disposals, 2.2 tackles, and 2.7 marks.

Nalder trails slightly on all of those: 20.5, 11, 1.0, and 2.0.

(FCFC’s Jorja Borg on 31.8, 12.3, 4.7, and 1.5 might have something to say, too.)

Reported injuries/unavailability

Libby Hosking ankle 1
Eloise Gardner foot 1
Rebecca McDonagh sick 2
Gloria elarmaly sick
Maykaylah Appelby unavailable 2
Drew Ryan unavailable 2

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Hmmm. Newly added to our list, a la Tara Slender last year?

Makaylah is a 172cm winger, graduated from NAB League last year. Looks like she went back to Diamond Creek this year?

Drew Ryan is a 172cm defender/midfielder, and is an upper-ager Bendigo Pioneer.