VFLW - Round 9 vs Pies @ The Hangar, 1:30PM Saturday 23 April 2022

Probably get a bigger crowd than the VFL, who are overlapping the AFL game on the Monday.

Vic Metro play QLD up there on Tuesday April 19. Then both VIC Metro (same squad???) and Country play on the 22nd.

So limited chances for NAB League top-ups this weekend.


Teams for Essendon v Collingwood…

B 14. D. Marshall 21. A. Morcom
HB 8. E. Ashley-Cooper 39. S.Oritt 19. N. Julian
C 42. J. Zanchetta 1. C. Ugle 21. N. MacDonald
HF 20. C. McIntosh 28. A. Barba 24. R. Tierney
F 17. F.Frew 4. M. Clifford
R 30. S.Nalder 23. A. Radford 5. G. Nanscawen
INT 26. J. Doonan 7. J.Davies 46. G. Elarmaly
44. G. Dicker 45. B. Clarke
EMG 31. E. Gardner 11. K.Lennox 15. L. Caruso
40. D.Ryan 10. E.Cornish
B 53. D Pedersen 72. K . Lee
HB 76. N.Weston 5. N.Hales 63. G. Ricardo
C 71.Bowey 51. M. Zander 16.A.Newman
HF 32.E.Chaston 58. K.Colborne-Veel 54.T.Cowan
F 62.M.Dematteo 61. N.Dojiok
R 92. S.King 50.E.Odea 91. D. Hallett
INT 74. E. Wroe 64. S. Camilleri 60. G.Matser
56. M. Neal 65.E.Jackson
EMG 57. A Kane 73.O.Storer 88. N. O’Connor

This week’s injury/unavailable report…
Tamsin Crook - AFL Health and Safety Protocols - TBC
Kendr Heil - Knee - 2 Weeks
Bella Ayre - Quad - 1 Week
Maykaylah Appleby - sick - 1 Week
Jayda Richardson - ankle - 1 Week
Marianna Anthony - hand - 4 Week
Tahlia Read - unavailable - 1 Week


Look who is at Centre Half Forward…

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No one needs a simple life. Some big outs and some big ins. Net win overall.

OUT: Heil (inj), Ayre (inj), Anthony (inj), Crook (COVID), Appleby (sick), Cornish (dropped)

IN: Marshall, Orritt (debut), MacDonald, Nalder, CBomb, and ALANA!

Drew Ryan (Bendigo Pioneers) is named as an emergency for the first time. And Gardner is almost back from injury.

Come on, Lennox, you’ve never even played in #11. Give it back!

This will, finally, be Nalder’s 50th game.

Kendra had played the last 52 games, only missing the first ever EFC game.

Federica hits the 25 game milestone.

Davies hits 25 for Essendon (55 overall).

Pies have 10 AFLW-listed players named:

  • Katie Lee - key defender
  • Nicole Hales - defender
  • Georgia Ricardo - defender
  • Matilda Zander - mid
  • Aleisha Newman - forward
  • Eloise Chaston - forward
  • Sarah King - ruck
  • Ebony O’Dea - mid
  • Demi Hallet - mid
  • Marla Neal - mid

Their deep forwards are DeMatteooooooooo and Dojiok (who will be entertaining, but I’ll back Marshall to win).

Officially two 21s were named for us, but I believe Nat MacDonald will be in 22. (for @Catherine_Lio who does the team sheets).


Marshall > Ayre
CBomb > Appleby
Nalder > Cornish

Barba and Macdonald = Heil + Anthony (historically; they are better forwards, but that is less necessary this year)

Orritt < Crook? (different heights and roles)

P.S. @PH_WARFRadio, the volume on your audio stream is rather low.

Another beautiful day, here at the Hangar!

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Major suggests our new AFLW player Sargent will play VFLW this year.

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