Victorian Dining & Entertainment Program

has anyone else claimed through the Victorian Dining and Entertainment Program? I booked some tickets for the MSO, and just got $90 back!


They knocked me back as the receipt i was issued by the restaurant didnt state the date.

Fair enough too, hadnt actually realised.

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Maccas usually has the date on their receipt.


I’ve been too lazy to look at it tbh. I should as I’m sure I could get something back.

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I thought he had gone to watch Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - wonder who is right.


No I didnt make it to the SCG last night

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So it’s…

Mon - Thu
outside of Melbourne City
claim back 25% with valid receipt

for dining, yes. Entertainment is all days everywhere I think!

So the entertainment one is kinda cool then.

Can buy tickets for a show in September, and claim the money before you’ve actually been to the show.

Wonder if you can get GF tickets?

Sports are not included.

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They had another dining one in the CBD earlier, which is why it’s excluded now.

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Great tip, thanks!!!I thought the funds had been used up but there is still $25m left to go. I have booked Harry Potter tickets for 5 people so the refund looks like $109. Bomberblitz comes through (again).

Cheers, Koala!

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it’s back again!

it was mentioned in the concerts and gigs thread, but thought I’d post it here too :slight_smile:

you can claim again even if you claimed during the other round

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