Videos up for grabs!


my friend has three boxes of videos to give away as a job lot. Most of them are Essendon games/bits of Essendon games/ other Essendon related shows, but there are some other games as well. Pics below, hopefully they are readable!

Pick up from Essendon/Moonee Ponds area.

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That’s a serious collection
Lots of great memories in there.


That’s a lot of trips to the guy in the middle of the mall.

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Coax him/ her to start up an Essendon Nostalgia YOUTUBE channel.
Digitise all the content then upload.

Should only take a week or so :yum:


I’m curious to see there’s a sanyo tape with ‘titanic, part 2’ scrubbed out.

Did it sink again?


I still have a box of videos. - 2000 grand final, Cathy Freeman 400m at olympics, and 4x400m at comm games, plus some good movies.
haven’t had a video player for over 12 years though.

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Why would you have a copy of the 1995 GF.


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Round 17 1999 video came from me, I reckon. That looks very much like how i used to label them.

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quite possible!

Why is there no full stop after the abbreviation, then?


Death in Brunswick vs West Coast could be interesting.

John Clarke 3 votes.

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Post reported.

I was once a Media Studies teacher, and never once owned a video tape player/recorder.

Were they even invented when you taught?

When l first started teaching there were a few around, but no photocopiers. If we wanted multiple copies of documents we had to use carbon paper and crank out what were called spirit copies. They were only good for about 60 copies before they blurred.


That reminds me of another throwback in technology. When l was at teachers’ college in 1978, we had to get an 8 mm projector licence, which included demonstrating how to splice damaged film. If we wanted to show films in class, they had to be ordered in from the department, and yes, they arrived in canisters on reels.

These last 2 posts should be in the getting old thread.