Violence Against Women


Have you ever heard of people ignoring mandatory reporting?

Seriously, short of torturing them, you can’t force people to do anything much.


The main people who have to make a mandatory report in this country are medical professionals, social workers, teachers, childcare workers etc. The reasons for mandatory reporting are critical and the penalties are substantial for not complying, including prison time and deregistration from your profession

So no I don’t think too many people would ignore the requirement to report, no

But I’m not arguing for some mandatory reporting thing to be placed on everyone anyway (is anyone?) I’m not saying average Joe members of the public should be forced to report, I’m just saying that it’s critical that people do


And we’re back at message of the Gillette ad!


Good post. 100% agree :slightly_smiling_face:

As men, what action can we take?


Report to the police if you see someone that appears to be stalking. Pretty sure that’s what the discussion has been about.


I thought the convo (and my question) were broader than that but ok.


They can’t even get people to move out of the way of the path of floods and fires, what hope would this have.


Thirty years ago l played in a mixed doubles tennis comp on a Wednesday night, at the old Tulip St. courts in Sandringham, next to the even older drive in, both are long gone now. It was a very social comp and many people often stayed back for an hour or two after the games had finished. I got into the habit of walking lone women to their cars, to make sure they got in safely. There was a small vacant lot across the road with plenty of shrubs where anyone could ave lurked. Nothing ever happened, and perhaps nothing ever would ave happened, most likely here was never a lurker hiding. However, l would never have been able to forgive myself if some woman from the comp that l knew had been attacked, just because l was too lazy or didn’t care enough to walk outside. Sometimes just being a presence is enough of a deterrent.


Bravo. You’re a good man.


I still walk single women who visit us to their cars out on the street and make sure no one is lurking in the backseat.

When I was a young man, a lady known to my friend group was raped from a guy hiding in the backseat. It has always affected me so now I constantly check that.


Isn’t this standard practice in society - You walk people to their cars at night to make sure everything is OK.


You would think so, but no, it isn’t.


Added to what has already been said

Call out ■■■■ behaviour from other guys

Be aware of women around you who you don’t know. Cross the road and get in front of them so they know you’re following them


How the FK did Ristevski only get 6 years???

And how does the piece of ■■■■■ get a manslaughter plea without divulging the how and why!? Shouldn’t be possible.

DPP should have pursued a murder charge.

6 years for killing your wife, dumping her body, lying for years about it, being a pall bearer and switching plea in court at the last moment. Despicable.

But yes, girls, we really abhor violence against you. FFS. Hopefully someone inside belts his skull in with an exercise bike part.


I assume they just didn’t think they could get a murder conviction, and went for manslaughter to be sure of a jail sentence.


I wonder if the autopsy was not sufficiently conclusive to convict him of murder at the criminal standard of proof.
I wonder also, if- as a matter of law- a guilty plea leads to less than the maximum legal sentence for manslaughter.


It seems all the evidence was literally circumstantial so they felt a plea deal was the best option for at least making him pay something. The claim was they had no solid evidence to show murder.


Obviously the DPP wasn’t 100% confident of a murder conviction. But according to reports, Ristevski has refused to detail how and why she died. Imo, downgrading to manslaughter should not be available without revealing what happened.

No wonder her family are outraged.


I thought manslaughter was max 20 years. Should have gotten all of that.

How is it that the man that one punch killed the surgeon got 10 years, but a man that murders his wife, dumps the body, lies to cover it and refuses to give proper details gets less time.


A devastatingly low sentence for taking a life.