Vive la difference!

Just a fleeting appreciation of positive developments in Bomber performances since around Round 8.

Massive improvement in teamwork and desire to create good options. The impact IS measurable.

Secondly, and as importantly, the determination of three players to no longer be seen as ‘top ups’ or ‘fringe selections’. I’m referring to Matt Dea, Mitch Brown and Shaun McKernan. All three have raised their game to another level of consistent contributions and should be applauded for their efforts. They have undeniably proven to supporters and themselves that they are genuine senior team players in the AFL competition. It is their efforts that are making a massive difference to the work of those in our VFL team who strive to get permanent slots in our senior team. May this level of competition for senior spots continue!


Thought this post might be about Devon Smith.


He already knows how good he can be.:wink:

Well said…the three you have referred to are certainly holding their spots on merit at present and that can only be good for the team going forward.

There are no free games anymore…it seems that a solid period of form in the reserves is required before a spot in the seniors is made available.



C: pogba

Always wanted Cantona on one flank and Phil Carman on the other.

Not Carman.