Lets just play this guy CENTRE HALF BACK.

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Close thread.


yep all aboard.
A lot of his u18 highlights were at CHB


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Why? He marks and kicks goals as a forward. Have you seen him play?

Imagine if our CHB was marking and kicking goals!


Jake stringer never played CHB.

Why would Voss

Key position backs or forwards are animals. They believe in one thing and one thing only. Themselves. Because they have to in order to be successful and for the max benefit to the team. Big players, big responsibilities and often big personalities. Hard as nails normally and courageous to a tee. They’re contested beasts, probably permanently bruised.

Voss might be that type of player. He might become as brilliant as a Carey, Knights, Brereton or closer to home, our Neale Daniher. Or other more recent examples. Or he might not.

Its a great part of our game to see the king pins of any team compete i.e. the CHB or CHF. The very best could play in both positions depending on the situation and turn a game because of their toughnes or brilliance (Knights)…

In a few years lets see if Vossy can do it…

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Let’s just play Voss.


Voss is one of the few players on the list who can win a game of football in 15 minutes, off his own boot.

These blokes don’t play in the backline.

If anything he will be playing Forward/Midfield.

He did a reasonable job playing as a Midfielder in the last VFL match of the season, and can only get better.

But he’ll be groomed as your Stringer/DeGoey player.


Great thread. If only there were a designated place to discuss specific players!!

FWIW I think he could be a really dangerous forward in the Zurhaar mould

He’s still growing physically isnt he?

Time will tell

I mean he did play a bit of CHB in his 18s year and did play some good games but yeah I prefer him forward

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Voss to CHB

■■■■ me dead.

Has he been in the bests even once in the VFL?


say that to his face on his massive neck

Step 1: hype up rookie
Step 2: be really disappointed when rookie is not actually the best player in history
Step 3: ???


Voss would snap you like a twig, and you know it.

Don’t be snarky.

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