Votes versus Tin Rattlers mk II

Okay, I’ll start it off.

3 Walla - kick the winning goal on top of a fantastic game you’re alway going get the chocolates
2 Clarke - Zac that is. Pantsed Goldy and shut up the noise
1 Jake the String - because he’s Jake

  1. Walla
  2. Walla
  3. Walla

Z Clark

image image image


D Clarke

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3 Walla
2 Stringer
1 McKenna

Apologies: Merrett & Zac Clarke (who would have snagged a vote had Goldstein not owned him in the last quarter)

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3 Walla
2 Z Clarke
1 McKenna

Clarke (you know which one)

Z Clarke

3 - Tippa
2 - McKenna
1 - Z Clarke

3: Tippa
2: Stringer
1: Zacca M

Just missing Mckernan, Zac C, Irish, Young Clarke.

We had a few guys that were down today…without naming them, theres still lots of improvement to be had IMO, but it was a great effort today from the boys.

Walla - freakish
Irish - Dash
Redman - because I can

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Walla - 3
Merrett - 2
Stringer - 1

Honourable mentions to Gleeson, both the Clarkes + Irish.


Yep. This.

3 - Walla. Not just the goals, but his run & pressure all game were outstanding.
2 - Zlarke. Must have been under enormous internal pressure from all the external noise. Responded by beating a quality ruckman in Goldy. Onya, Zac.
1 - Stringer. Was electric down forward & bullish when onball.

Apologies to others. Dylan destroyed Cntington. Irish, Gleeks & Saad were solid down back. Lav presented, took 7 marks & gave off the winning handball under massive pressure. If he had of kicked straight, he may have snuck in for a vote.

Gutsy win.


Tippa 3
Z. Clarke 2
Gleeson 1

3 Walla
2 Merrett
1 D Clarke

Huge congrats to Hooker who battled on when obviously in great pain.
Apologies to Stinger. Oirish, Zlarke, Gleeson…

Z Clarke

Merrett, DClarke, Stringer, Gleek, Saad could all have been in there

3 Walla
2 Stringer
1 Gleeson

3 Tippa
2 Stringer
1 Zlarke