Votes vs R4 Port


3 Hurls
2 Smith
1 Zaka

Very stiff



3 Hurley
2 Myers
1 Stringer


Baggers 3
Myers 2
Guelfi 1


I Agree his indecision really shone through…I was concerned when he the ball in space…to much time.

When there was no time he was very good…he should probably just stick with his instinct




3 - Hurley
2 - Merrett
1 - Heppell


3 Zerrett
2 Smith
1 Myers


3 Goddard
2 Hurley
1 Heppell


3 Stringer
2 Myers
1 Hurley

Zach, Stewart, Smith, Bags unlucky



I don’t watch other clubs (too much else to do) so I only knew Stringer by reputation. It’s taken four matches, but now I see why the Club wanted him so badly. His right-foot goal scored with a straight kick, no banana bulldust, from the right FP, directly in front of me, would have been enough to get in the votes, but he did so much else as well !

When Hooker was at CHB, he controlled the backline, directing the other backs and the backline was tight. Every time he was moved from there, e.g., for a rest in the interchange, the backline got loose: a couple of goals were scored during his absences.

Stewart was a revelation. He is our FF and a blooody good one, too. JoeD is CHF. As a bonus both can give the ruckman (whoever that may be) a chop out.

Hurley and Captain Haircut worked their erses off, but their disposal was shyte, so no votes from me.
Hartley played a blooody good game, too, as did Smith and Saad.
Guelfi’s first match reminded me of McGrath’s, his play was so assured.
Zerrett and Fantasia are back !
Jeez, Green knows how to niggle the opposition !


Hadn’t heard that one before. I shall consider stealing it for future use.


3 Stewart
2 Myers
1 Zerrett


Merrett 3
Heppell 2
Stringer 1

Apologies to Hurley & T-Bell.


3 Parish
2 Hurley
1 Bellchambers


3 Goddard
2 Stringer
1 Merrett


3 Heppell
2 Myers
1 Stringer

  1. Heppell
  2. Hurley
  3. Stringer

  1. Zerret - gord he’s good
  2. Parish -lots of good hard work inside.
  3. Stewart -coming along nicely.

MiD (Mentioned in Dispatches) index

Stringer -looks happy
Guelfi -he’s no junior, good game!
Smith -love him! Should have more of his aggro and mouth.
Heppell - 18% efficient at one stage - holding him back.
Goddard - handball when the recipient is looking!


3 votes M Hurley
2 votes Z Merrett
1 vote J Stringer


3 votes M Hurley
2 votes Z Merrett
1 vote J Stringer