Votes vs St Kilda Round 12 2020

Bit difficult

3 Parish
2 Shiel
1 Merrett

Until the last 5 minutes, McKernan was in line to have played the worst game by a player in many, many years. Didn’t contest, gave away frees, just gave nothing.


Had a few mates I’d say

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3 D.Parish
2 D.Shiel
1 A.McDonald-Tipungwuti



3 Parish
2 Langford
1 Merrett

No player won his position so no votes for anyone if you ask me. Shiel, Merret, Parish and McGrath got plenty of it but honestly did absolutely nothing with it.

Saad played his heart out again

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3 Shiel
2 Walla
1 Langford

3 - Merrett
2 - Parish
1 - Saad

3 Saad
2 ummmm"?..
1 nope

No votes to midfielders who rack up 20 plus ineffective, poor quality, near useless possessions.


I’ d love t see the stats of some players but the confidence of all the players has dropped terribly

The coaches do not appear capable of fixing the many many problems

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3 Tippa
2 Saad
1 Draper for throwing his body around like a big nasty ■■■■

3 votes Parish
2 votes Shiel
1 vote Merrett

3 Parish
2 Saad
1 Tipungwuti

Shiel 3
Parish 2
Merrett 1

3 Parish
2 McGrath
1 Merrett

actually you could add in Shiel and rank them anyway you want and it would still be correct

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3 Parish
2 Saad
1 Merrett


I only saw the second half. (when i saw the score i decided to pass watching it from the beginning with Kayo).

I thought Stkildas ball movement, contested marking was excellent. We looked tired.

Our team would just be completely different with Jakey, Joe and Raz in it.

Hooker would have been great too for his marking.


McGrath, Saad, Ridley

Actually thought Gleeson was mostly OK, and a few signs of life from tippa.