Wangaratta Ess v Rich - Who's going?

Anyone here going to the Essendon vs Richmond practice match and do you need tickets?

I am.

You do. $5 to upgrade as a club member. I think they go on sale on the 5th of Feb, but check on that.

Me, hubby and a friend are going.

@MattPocock18 thanks re the date tickets may be on sale.


I’m going. Flying up.


hopefully the Essendon team this time…

Boom tish…


Yes, venturing up with Darli & Reboot, nice little road trip :grinning:


What are the flying conditions going to be like?

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Anyone got the email yet?

My neices email has hit my inbox. Mine hasn’t…

I have received an email re JLT. Just need to enter barcode to purchase ticket/s.

On sale 5/2/18.

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I’ll be driving up there by myself to watch, I’m happy to give a lift and share petrol costs with anyone that needs a ride

Yep. We’re heading up. (SOBW & I)

Staying Friday/Sat nights and making a weekend of it. I hear there;s a decent winery or 2 in the vicinity, so things could get a little rambunctious … beer

Looking fwd to it, … never hung at ■■■■ before.

Ohhhh, … FMD!!

Ditto - going up with a Tigers lad and staying Friday / Sat. Go Dons!

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Yep. Barcode is at the bottom of the main pic.

My email has the barcode as black text on a black background… select the text near the very bottom of the email to actually see it!

I did not get my email today. Any suggestions on who I should contact?

I’d call membership.

Have to say this is a bit of a fail on the clubs member management side.

To only announce by Twitter on the Thursday before that you’ll need this barcode, and not last years M/ship number,…(thought they carried over if you renew) and that then, …it would be emailed on the Friday before sales, … and then not send it, and Members not discovering it’s not been sent when they get home, … after M/ship crew have knocked off, and then not be open again until Monday, … AT 9.00 AM, … right when a very limited amount of Tickets go on sale … which of course will be too late, … is really poor.

Someone must have really dropped the ball on this, there’s no possible way someone thought this would be a good timeline for this, …surely.

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