Want the ASADA thread to remain open?

Pinning this as a reminder!!


We draw your attention to the Blitz guidelines, pinned at the top of the Dustin Fletcher Hangar




All guidelines must be followed, but please note the following in particular -

  • Over the top language, abuse and threats, whether it be about other Blitzers, players, coaches, the media or any other people will not be tolerated
  • Approval must be sought from mods or admin before making posts that intend to incite a movement/reaction/organise activities on Blitz. Failure to do so will result in the posts being removed and can result in suspension
    • If you have access to information you know to be sensitive or confidential, don't post it on here, don't even elude to it. Make your own website and post it there.

    Personal discussions should be done via PM


    If you would like the ASADA thread to remain open, simply abide by the above, and there shouldn't be a reason for it to be closed!!