Watchalong! Tonight at 7.45

Get pumped for round 1.



Really wanted to get round 1 97 vs FC but can’t find it.

Peter Berbakov’s best game!


Tonight folks! Get involved in the fun!

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Ha! I’m looking forward to laughing at that failed first pick, what’s his name, Luke Hodge?

Hawthorn must be spewing they didn’t take Luke Ball or Chris Judd, they are both already dominating games!


Blokes a bit chunky, maybe needs some Lite’n’easy

Can we also stop naming the ■■■■ carlton rejects Murphy and Allan

Agreed, getting the in the way of developing the long-term prospects of Alvey and Henneman.


Didn’t relize we got in the time machine so early @Chris_1993 so early rule breaker.

The only FC reject I didn’t mean was Campo, got a few good games out of him. Seem to recall him rinsing Collingwood in a late season game.

Next draft is also very strong. If Hawthorn win to many games they may miss out an Tambling.

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Are you sure you have no prior commitments?


@theDJR you around to time wizard?

I was hoping we could watch round 1 2021 again. You know, just to prepare ourselves for 2023.

Wasn’t Alvey a dogs reject?

some reminders/rules for those joining the watchalong tonight.

Start your video at 7.45pm on the dot

No spoilers, Post as if its a live match thread (its all part of the fun)

Pause as soon as the siren goes at the end of each quarter

We’ll have a 10 min break at the end of each quarter

Ill place a time stamp on when to resume your video along with a restart time

Have some fun

Hawks are really going to regret not taking Judd or Ball. What a ■■■■ up

Just over an hour to go

20 mins til start.

If you join late just ask for a timestamp

Prep your videos folks