Watching the 1993 season

I was about 5 when the mighty dons won the 1993 flag so hardly remember it. I’m keen to go back and watch as many games as possible. I know they didn’t televise every match back then. Does anyone know where I can find full game replays of the 1993 season? If you know where only one is, feel free to post a link and I’ll compile them all.

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There could be some games on YouTube or dailymotion

There’s maybe half the season in 30 min highlights packages on Youtube, but i think it’s mostly the finals that are full games

The Fosters Cup v Richmond and Round 12 v Melbourne is on YouTube.
Round 2 v Carlton, Round 6 v Geelong, Round 16 v WCE and all finals games are on Foxtel.
Unless someone has the Name a Game DVDs that’ll be all you’ll find.
The rest would be highlights.

I went to all the games in Vic that season. It was a great season of footy in general IMO. I have vivid memories of my smug FCFC supporting colleagues asking me what I was going to do when they smashed us in the GF. None of them turned up for work on the Monday.

The Round 10 Game v Fitzroy is worth a look. It was a Friday night and Tim Watson’s first game back after coming out of retirement. Its on YouTube. AFL Round 10, 1993 - Essendon vs Fitzroy - (MCG) - YouTube

There was also a video produced, ironically called Bomber Blitz, that reviews the entire season. Its on YouTube as well. AFL FOOTBALL Essendon Bomber Blitz, 1993 A Year of Triumph - YouTube


93 was basically a fairytale year.

If a kid imagined up a season of footy, that was our year.

I always think of this goal kicking list. It’s ridiculous. I’d hate to have been a skinny 17 year old trying to play full back that year:


I would also have hated to be a king 18 year old kid who had a heap of goals kicked on him every week with social media.
He’d be totally torn to shreds.
Imagine the furore after round 5 when we’re sitting on 1 win and a draw, not being far away from bottom 4 even though we pretty much played all finals teams from the year before.
You really needed faith and trust in the club back then to see that season unfolding.

For me, I didn’t believe we were a chance for the Grand Final until we beat Collingwood later on in the season. It was a wet night, but that game brought out our skill and made us believe that we could put decent teams away and play consistently across 4 quarters.


Yeah, that goal kicking tally is insane. Those century goal kickers didn’t just fall over the line either. Ablett’s 124 from 17 games is next level.

From memory Fletcher wasn’t a backman playing school footy either so his achievement that year was even more impressive.

I know, it is insane. It’s over 7 goals a game.

Lockett coming back from injury with a lazy 53 from 10 games, too.

And then there’s Adrian McAdam.

It was a goal fest that year.


Ablett kick 124 from 17 games…that’s nuts

He kicked 14 of his 124 against us…in one game. The same game Salmon kicked a lazy 10.


For anyone wanting to reflect on 1993 as whole this podcast series was sensational. Peak scoring for the AFL and almost every team was a chance to make finals. The greatest crop of rising star nominees as well. Just so much great footy.

But most importantly we won the flag!!!

I’m thinking of going back for a second listen.


1993 was the first year of the Rising Star Award. Collectively the list of nominees is the greatest ever from a single season.



…and Bucks left Brisbane for Collingwood because he wanted to play in finals.


Never gets old :laughing:


It’s one of footy’s greatest ever pieces of karma. Bucks missed out on 3 flags!

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93 was amazing

I was in high school and the banter with fark Carlton supporters was out of control

I started to believe when we beat fark Carlton late in the h&a season, a game i went to. Almost teared up when Watson kicked the sealer (he was always my favourite player as a kid)

I listened to most games on the radio though. Highlights of kickett’s 9 goal game vs footscray are recommended must see viewing