Wayward Monk Goes Legally Ape

Monky business




Hehehe… Sexyland.

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A couple of years after l set up base in Thailand a couple of similar cases emerged against prominent monks. The first saw labelled a ‘Superstar’ monk. He had gone to Paris and had sex with multiple women, and lived a lavish lifestyle. It took a lot of effort on the part of a coterie of abbots to get rid of him.

A second abbot was criticized for having a collection of Mercedes. He said they belonged to the temple. Under Bubbhist rules, monks are forbidden from owning luxury items, and are limited to having 10 possessions.

If Thai families have multiple sons, it is expected that one of them will become a monk.

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Come back and fiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!!!

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Like the old British upper classes…

The eldest son inherited the title and estate.
The second son went into the army.
The third went into the church.
If there were more, they went into trade.

And the women were given range rovers and told not to get them dirty

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