Why oh why do we chant this? What’s does “we are Essendon” mean to you? To me I’m mystified :man_shrugging:

We are nothing

“We are an entitled boys club”

We are utter ■■■■■.

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We are a banter club

We are the absolute embodiment of mediocrity.

Too many words?

We died during the saga, and have been stumbling around like Bruce Willis in the sixth sense unaware of the fact, ever since.


I actually resent the chant because we are nothing!

We were on life support before the saga.
The saga was when the plug was pulled

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The rot set in before the saga. The saga was more a symptom than a cause of this clubs deep-seated issues


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Club need to stop the bs chant

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Fark I laugh when commentators describe us a proud club, the only reason they do it is because we are considered on of the big four Vic clubs.

The most appropriate time to do that chant would be on a day like today.

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Faarrken yesssss

The cheer squad needs to buy a metronome and take a valium?

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Lads, its essendon.

Cheer squad should not turn up next week. Seriously thry put in their time and effort and our players and club don’t give a flying ■■■■.

Chants aren’t known for illuminating muti layered parables and gnostic revelations. Most just say the team name.

I like “We Are Essendon”, the complexity of the beat the second time around is Sgt Pepper compared to Coooolingwoooood, which is still at the Love Me Do level.

I don’t hear the cheer squad use it much now though, they love their “Essendon- Bombers” which I find over-Americanised. The low point seems to be “Let’s go Bombers let’s go”, but as long as they make a noise I appreciate the effort.