We dont deserve to play finals

We are pretenders.

Cool story bro

Too mentally weak to ever achieve anything



■■■■ carlton

How’s my times did we miss the lot from get able shots? At least five.

Dominated the game bar the second quarter an only have our poor composure to blame.

Still should make finals. Beat GC and WC and the Carlton game might even be a dead rubber.

if we make it, we deserve it.

Gees, locked the match thread down pretty quick, had a ripper comment to post and just lost it !

Can’t be confident about any of the remaining games…even when we dominate play we cabt put it on the scoreboard.

If it makes you feel any better....we will still make finals, tigers to get all so close but finish 9th.  Tigers to be hyped up over pre-season - will go into 2015 as top 8 team and a team to watch - but only to lose 6 straight at the start of the year.....

If we make it we deserve it, ha, ha, ha.  A little Zen koan.


Dyson and Zac Merrett take a bow, you tried your guts all night, not many others could say the same.   We will get what we deserve!

Other than Heppell, no midfield, no forward line and backline exposed tonight. Form now shot to pieces. We looked slow tonight, too many miss kicks and fumbles, made Richmud look good. Bruce had them in the finals at half time.

Title of the thread is BS, I don't care if we chuck a Bradbury and make it by the skin of our teeth, after being screwed over last year they owe us one.



fark carlton