We flogged the floggy flogs (and Hawthorn too) - review thread


TIPPA ruined the ending :frowning:

Game Day Thread - Round 13 vs Dawks

What the fark happened


Stratton is going to cop it for that and Raz threw him under the bus hard. lol


We won!


Good, he’s a dog




■■■■ off Stratton you ■■■■■■■ dog


Closed the GD thread waaaaayy too fast.

Not wrong.

Should be a 10 k fkn fine for that shitt.


Who’s that Fark head that was pinching Fanta?




Wow, I actually just saw a fist pump from Woosha… he can show emotion.


Essendon is still awesome!


Up by 38 and only won by 19.
Still, any win over hawthorn is a good win.
EAD Hawks


Glad they showed Raz’s arm. Hope Stratton is under the pump this week over it. Media might work in our favour for once!!


Threw him under the bus? I thought he was far too diplomatic about it.


Captain Pissweak


Ray: No you dived on the ball!!
Guelfi: I was standing up


Good win. Alot of young players in the team tonight.


Comprehensive victory for the coaches. Our system minimising the damage in the first half and allowed us to score heavily in the second. Clarkson’s ace Sicily did sweet fa.

Shout out to those who wrote us off at halftime


Why isn’t pinching classified as holding the man?